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Dell Dimension desktop computer

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dell desk top L1000r is a bit out dated.


i think i am one of the only people alive who can claim to own a Dell L1000R desk top computer. i got it off a friend recently.  it runs on  windows me and i can honestly say it is so slow compaired to the newer ones.  it does not have any of the problems that operating systems like vista home or regular vista have but it is just very slow. when you are part of a fast pace world slow does not cut it.  it is not a very good gaming computer either due to the slowness of it in comparison to the speed of todays games.  i have already had to replace the hard drive in it once and that was a big repair.  i work with alot of music and pictures and i just dont think the computer can handle the load.  does freeze up quite alot.  i guess that is to be expected from second hand. did not come with alot of soft ware.  monitor that came with the tower is big and bulky. not exactly travel or mover friendly. did not come with printer or other accessories.

Portage, PA


Dell Dimension desktop computer

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