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Dell Dimension desktop computer

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I love my Dell computer.


My Dell Dimensions 8110 computer, with Windows XP is a tool that I wouldn`t want to be without. I spend a lot of time on the Internet both socially and gaining answers about everything from cooking (receipies) to information about people in the news to specific info on pharmasudical and OTC drugs and health matters. I do my banking on my Dell Dimensions 8110 computer and I pay some of my bills on my Dell computer. I keep up with my friends and my relatives on sites like My Space, Facebook, Eons and Boomerville.     Dell has been very helpful when I have had questions about anything to do with the workings of my Dimensions 8110 computer. They have replaced my keyboard & my monotor several times in the years that I have had my computer with no cost to me. I really have had a good relationship with Dell. I don`t think everyone with a computer can say that about a lot of other companies.    My Dell Dimensions 8110 computer is a very special part of my social and business life. I literally have the world  at my fingertips any time I log on. I keep my photos and personal papers and receits on my computer and able to review or change any info at any time. This ability makes it so much easier to work and play whenever I want or need to.    My Dell Dimensions 8110 computer and Windows XP give me the ease and peace to do my daily and weekly business and social activities without the need to drive from place to place  thus saving the high price of gas and wear on my car. I also save by cutting down on costly long distance phone calls.    When I am ready to up grade to a faster and newer application of Windows, I only have to log on with my Dell Dimensions 8110, go to Dells website and order it. I will be able to pay for this upgrade online. If I need to add any hardware or soft ware to my Dell Dimensions 811, it is as easy as that also. I love my Dell Dimensions 8110 computer!                                                                                                   

Canyon Lake, TX


Dell Desktop is a good and hardy computer for all ages.


I would like to say that the Dell Desktop SK-8110 computer is a very good computer for the beginner, novice or advanced computer literate person. If you are a beginner, it can be setup to give shortcuts to accomplish the tasks that you need to complete with any project. And when you reach the novice stage, then the shortcuts are still useful, but you also find ways to make everyday tasks such as answering emails, creating shopping lists, maintaining contact lists for the people you talk to frequently, and creating correspendence such as letters and memos very easy because you have already mastered the basics which were very easy. Then there is the advanced stage in which you can accustom yourself to making everything personalized with various layouts, colors, content, and even your own personal signature attached to all your outgoing mail. The more comfortable you become with this computer, the more easily you find yourself experimenting with the features that are contained in the Microsoft package that was installed upon purchase. I am especially fascinated with the IM feature, (instant messaging) which allows me to talk to anyone that I invite or add to my contact list while I am working on the computer or just fooling around playing games. This computer has a very large memory capacity and very little maintenance. I really enjoy my Dell computer because it makes all of the things I have to do, so much simpler and quicker. My computer, to me, has become as essential as a telephone because with it I can communicate in so many ways.

Owings Mills, MD


I would totally recommend this computer to anyone looking to buy


My Dell Demension 8110 Desktop computer is the forth computer that I have owned and so far I have been very satisfied with it.  I have owned this particular computer for about two years and have not had to have any work on it thus far.  I am hooked up to DSL and the speed of this Dell Demension 8110 desktop is super.  I have this pc hooked up to two Altec Lansing speakers and the sound is awesome.  I mostly use it to play games on and for checking and sending emails.  On the last computer I owned when I would play time management games the screen would sometimes freeze up when things on it got busy, but not on my Dell Demension 8110.  It keeps up with the speed just fine.  It includes word pad and windows media player.  I also have Norton antivirus on it and it checks and scans daily with no problem.  It is black in color and therefore doesn't stand out or get little kids fingerprints all over it.  I would recommend the Dell Demension 8110 Desktop to anyone looking to purchase a pc. 

Acworth, GA


Dell Dimension desktop computer

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