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Dell Dimension desktop computer

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My workhorse.


I have been a DELL addict for 12 years now. I will never buy anything else, I do believe. The DELL dimension is still my workhorse. It really is solid state. I don't have a fear that I will exceed its capabilities, ever. It takes the challenges I hand it and still comes out slugging. I have never had anything go wrong with any of its bit, bytes or parts. It is also an amazing value. I am blown away by how I got my money's worth. My daughter did her best to save some money and bought an HP on sale. the regret she still feel everyday, truly saddens me. Too many of its parts have had to be replaced, from power source twice, to sound card failure, etc. But I am still sitting pretty with my perfect DELL. I do however, recommend better speakers. The basics that come with this do not have the power to match what this PC is capable of dishing out. Also, though extended warranties are great, I have found that the quality of the Dell Dimension is so good that they are not worth it. (HP on the other hand....) Dell support is also top notch. I will always recommend DELL as a brand to trust and Dimensions are superb.   Hardware Quality Time is marching on for my old friend. Durability Still strong as an ox. Performance Would like to upgrade to a faster processor and more memory.

Spokane, WA


Dell makes good and affordable computers


I love Dell computers.  Dell makes good quality and affordable computers.  ever since i was in college, i started with a dell computer and even after 10 years i still own a dell computer.  one of my friends owns a store that deals with communications and all he uses is Dell.  Keep it up!

Norwalk, CA


the dell Dimension 8250 is not worth the money


I had to work on the Dimension 8250, because it was infested with viruses. I could not get the viruses and maleware off because it had integrated with the os. So I had to wipe it and start from scratch. Once I loaded the os the system was slow as crap. It had a p4 dual core 800mhz front bus 2 gb of ram and a 250 gb sata hard drive. You would think it would rock. But that was far from the truth. It took almost an hour just to load the os, and once loaded finding the drivers from dell was a pain! even when you put in the service tag it still lists about 3 or 4 different drivers fo each component. That is ridiculous. I finally got everything installed and started loading the programs back on, and that is when it really slowed down. overall it took about 4 hours to get updates and install everything. If you want a fast computer go with an amd cpu and a sata 2 hard drive with ddr2 or 3. Those old systems just can not keep up. And maybe I am just use to fast systems.   

Reidsville, NC


Dell Dimension desktop computer

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