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Dell Dimension Desktop Computer

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ive had a few problems


I have had this computer for a few years. I used it for my business and now just for personal use. It worked good for my business, I never had any problems. Only after I upgraded my business computer, probably an estimated 1 & 1/2 years, did I start having problems. Twice I have had to take to a computer shop to have it fixed. It kept freezing, out of the blue. I didn't have any viruses or anything that could have caused it, and there wasn't too much information stored. I'm clueless as to why is kept messing up. Its been 5 months since I got it fixed last and so far its working well, I just hope it doesn't happen again. Performance Great performance other than freezing up twice.




Strong work tool


We have had a lot of good use out of this Desktop and it has performed well for the needs of our family. This machine has been used for work, ministry, household tasks, school, music, gaming, web design and many other uses. It has been able to complete those tasks satisfactorily over time. Speed has sometimes been an issue, but not to the point where we have been deterred from finishing a project. It has been compatible with the various printers we have assigned to it and our connection to the Internet has also been satisfactory. We have not had any crashes or problems with malfunctions of any kind. It is a bit on the bulky side, but we know that is what you bargain for with a desktop computer. We did change the mouse over to a wireless and that function was well accepted by the software/hardware interface. As for accepting of various software programs, we run the MicroSoft package (Word, Excel, Publisher, etc.) and have had good success with those. This desktop has also worked well with many of the various browsers, like Chrome, Explorer and FireFox.


Trenton, NJ


Great All Around Computer


The Dell brand of computers seems to be everywhere. I personally do not know the difference between the brands. This brand is an older model, but it works just fine for our family. We have had very little trouble with this computer. One time I just had to switch (from the inside) a board from one spot to another, I believe that is what it was called, not the mother board though. It has been a great computer for our family. We have the internet, we have Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Money and I have even downloaded a program called The Print Shop. Of course it has the card games, solitaire, free cell, and spider solitaire. It also has accessories that my kids enjoy using the paint accessory. In the paint accessory they can pull up a blank piece of paper and by using the mouse, they can use a pencil to draw pictures or designs, then they can color the picture or design by using paint, airbrush, etc. and if a mistake was made it also has an eraser that they use to erase the mistake. Simply by using the mouse to control the different functions. They enjoy it so that when they are done, we save them to the computer and add it to our screen saver as a slide show, so when the screen saver kicks in the kids pictures or designs will be displayed. As I stated earlier, this is an older model, but I would definetly buy another Dell when this one goes down.


Blackstone, VA


this dell demension 2400 is the most outstanding home pc.


 I own a Dell Demension 2350, it has sort of a custom tower, it's multicolored.* And i love it.* but my dell home pc is the best home computer i've ever owned, it's fast, reliable, and very, very easy to operate. well especially now with the new windows 7 upgrade. i was using windows xp, which is a very good operating system, but windows 7 hands down is no comparison in and on my dell 2350. my dell has the pentium 2 duo core proccessor, and it is very fast on a cable modem, compaired to the other home computers i've owned, which i have owned a few, like an HP pavillion 1213. i just thought it was to bulky. i also have owned a gateway home pc, and it was slow for my needs. but my dell instead of standing upright like most conventional computers, mine lays flat on my desk. which i love because my 17 inch flat screen monitor sit right on top of it. i know it saves me time to rip a cd or burn a cd without having to lean over and down, if your tower is on the floor, to put a cd in the disk drive or plug in a flash card or memory stick or even a USB cable. when all i got to do is reach up. but all in all this dell 2350 is by far the best home pc i have ever owned.


Fort Meade, FL


Dell Dimension Desktop Computer

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