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Dell Dimension C521 desktop computer

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i bought one


this of course like every dell is  well marketeted for what you get its a great deal if you just need it for the the family or maybe you play  a few games you might enjoy this one great price and works and runs smoothlythis has worked the best for me and is sooo good i hope you all enjoy it and try it out and hope you let me know what you think  thanks everyone have a wonderful day! hope you enjoy it its works really wellthis has worked the best for me and is sooo good i hope you all enjoy it and try it out and hope you let me know what you think  thanks everyone have a wonderful day! hope you enjoy it its works really wellthis has worked the best for me and is sooo good i hope you all enjoy it and try it out and hope you let me know what you think  thanks everyone have a wonderful day! hope you enjoy it its works really wellthis has worked the best for me and is sooo good i hope you all enjoy it and try it out and hope you let me know what you think  thanks everyone have a wonderful day! hope you enjoy it its works really well


Fresno, CA


get more for your money


I have seen every computer out there and i can say by far that the dell computer gives you the most for your money! the screen is large, while the computer and desktop itself can fit perfectly into any area! a+++. great for anybody and is very easy to figure out. best pc on the market.


Saint Louis, MO


This was a very good computer for the price.


Overall I am very pleased with this product. The only issue is the location of the button that closes the CD drawer. It would be inaccessable if I didn't have small fingers. It could use more USB ports, but there were enough for my current needs.


Saint Petersburg, FL


I love my desktop


I love my Dell dimenision C521 desktop. I have had it for 3 years and have had no issues with it.This is the second Dell I have owned and have a lot of trust in the brand. I was able to customize it for the needs and wants I have. It is very reliable,doesn't take up much room,and runs smooth(even with a lot of space taken up). When I get my next computer it will be a Dell.


Warrior, AL


The Dell Dimension C521 desktop computer is a good deal


This product is a pretty fast machine, i purchased it just a few days ago and its much much faster than my previous computer, oh my goodness. Just tears through movies like no problem and I can actually multi-task on a variety of things now like loading up a HD movie while downloading attachments on email while listening to itunes and defragmenting. Easy to set up, my family uses and loves it. Wish it has a bit more opportunity to upgrade the interior though, i'm a bit of a techie, so i just opened up the case just to see what all i could upgrade in the future if necessary but they didnt really allow all that much room. Dell is very sketch on upgrading parts if you want better parts, better just to order at beginning.


Amarillo, TX


Love this Dell computer


We have had this computer for about 3-4 years now and the only problem that we have had so far is with firewalls. But the flat screen we love the tower is very small. The speakers with subwoofer is very cool you can rock out at your very own computer. You get what you pay for we think very reasonably priced for the money! Sometimes can be slow when you are downloading stuff but that might be with any computer.


Superior, WI


Decent ltitle computer, some issues.


I would call this the average computer system. It is sufficient for most thing that you'd want to do, especially after you add additional ram, but there are a few things that you might want to take into consideration. 1) Since it's a slimline pc, there's only limited room for upgrading. You can't expect to put a new graphics card in for example, unless you buy a half size, as it simply won't fit. 2) The power supply is weak. I immediately contacted Dell, and all they could tell me was to get a powered USB hub, which I did and I haven't had any problems since. If you can get over these issues, you'll have a nice little computer that will probably last you years. I have 4 gigs of ram running currently on my machine, and once I added the extra gigs, it started running much faster than it did when it was new. If you can get something newer than this, that is a full sized tower, I'd recommend it, but this will do if you are looking for something basic that you don't plan on updating.


Savannah, GA


Great computer


The reason I chose to buy this particular desktop is because I had previously purchased a laptop from dell and I am a big fan of dell and their customer service. This desktop was a fair priced model at the time, however when I bought this a couple of years ago, this computer was considered fast, but now with all the new models out there, this computer just seems to be rather slow, but this computer will do all the necessary functions that the average person would need, but for a business (which is what I used it for first), and for gaming, you might want to get a different and newer style. When you buy something from Dell, you are definately going to get the kind of customer satisfaction that will keep you coming back. Overall, I would suggest this desktop to most people because it will do what you would expect it to do. There are cheaper desktops out there, but you never know the kind of service you are going to get.  I trust Dell.


Beaumont, CA




Is this computer good? I'll leave that up to you to decide. At first, yes, it is AMAZING! After about a year of use it gets extremely slow. Slow as in...I log on..take a shower, then come back to find it logged on. So I actually do NOT recommend this to anyone other than those who want to waste their money. Yeah, sure, the slim design is nice because you can put it almost anywhere, but size really doesnt matter when it comes to computers. I would rather have a fat computer that runs exremely fast, then have a slim comouter that I can put anywhere and have it run extremely slow. So yeah, I do NOT reccommend this computer for anyone. Another reason I dont like this computer is becasue it over-heats way to quick. I dont think that the fan blows fast enough to cool down the system. A FEW positive notes on this computer is it has quite a few USB connections for more multimedia pluggins. Another positive is the slim design. You can put it almost anywhere, but its still slow.


Axtell, KS


My Dell Dimension C521 PC Desktop has been very reliable


I've owned my Dell Dimension C521 PC since January of 2007 and it has been a mostly very reliable computer.  When I purchased it, with a flat screen Dell monitor, it came with a CD/DVD drive and I also added several special media drives for reading different-sized memory cards, and extra USB ports. Within the past four months (it is now September 2010), the two small media drives have quit working and will no longer read memory cards, and the CD/DVD drive has quit working, also, so it needs some TLC! In addition, the original memory of this computer was no where close to being enough for my family.  My husband and I have four children living at home, aged 13, 16, 19 and 21 and between music, pictures, school work, etc, we had to add a 1T external hard drive. Overall, though, we have been very pleased with the performance (along with high-speed internet service) of this computer, considering the heavy use it has taken. With limited-warranty support from Dell and automatic updates included with the purchase, it has run - and pretty much still does - like a champ. Never any breakdowns other than special drives which were heavily used. I would definitely recommend this computer even though it's an "ancient" model!


Arvada, CO


Dell Dimension C521 desktop computer

3.9 28