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Dell Dimension 2200 desktop computer

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Starting out in my new house, i wasnt able to afford most of the things that i would have likted to because of my salary but i needed a computer to tbe able to work onlien adn do my tasks for my job. I had a limited budget so just decided to buy dell because it was convenient and was very cheap as well. Wrong choice. This is very laggy comptuer and always closes down the programs that i use if i use too much at once. teh fan sometimes gets stuff and makes this weird noise that is also very loud. Not only did i have to keep rebooting my computer, but i had to always take it to best buy nermous of times to try to get it fixed. Gekek squad at best buy helped allot but honselt,y the time andfrustraion form this comptuer has really made this comptuer seem like crap and i should have just saved for another ocmputer instead of afforiign this one.

Chicago, IL


dell dimension 2200 is a great product


Dell Dimension 2200, is a great PC.  I have owned my computer for about three years and I love it.  This computer has multiple features that are very needed for me and my family.  It has  CD burner; DVD Rom; intel processor, floppy disk drive and other features. I also like the fact that there are extra slots, in case you need to add another drive to your computer.Dell manufactures some of the best products I have used. This particular product is fast and dependable.  The DVD/CD Rom plays clear videos and music.  The burner burns CDs at a very fast speed. When you burn a cd or video,the videos and cds are always clear and of top-quality.  The ability to burn cds is easy.   Also, the operating system that comes with the computer is great.  It is essential for me, because I am a student, and I have school-aged children.  I definitely love the Microsoft software.  I use Word, and PowerPoint on a regular basis and it was a must for me to have this software installed on my computer.  I think Dell is by far the best computet manufacturer, today. Undria71

Gibsland, LA


i love it! i would never switch!


Dell's mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets it serves. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of highest quality, leading technology, competitive pricing and best-in-class service and support.??In its stylish chassis, the Dell Dimension 2200 is a complete solution for the first-time computer buyer or families looking for an affordable, easy-to-use desktop system - great for surfing the Internet and word processing. Dell Dimension 2200 is your perfect partner for reasonable money!

San Antonio, TX


Dell is a great product!


This computer is never slow. I love it! I would love to reccomend this product to anyone. I also have high speed internet so this thing zooms. Dell is a very good company with many great products. My computer has a wireless mouse and keyboard that came with it and I love them too.

Silverdale, WA


Dell Dimension 2200 desktop computer

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