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Dell Color Laser Printer

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horrible horrible horrible


I bought this printer and had problems from day 1.  The toner cartridges were horribly difficult to install.  They would get stuck and not want to come out.  In trying to get one out, toner dust spilled everywhere.  I called the service line and was told the secret trick to get the cartridges to go in (i.e., push the left side in before the right side of the cartridge).  So finally I got things going and printing was happening.  After a month or two, then the printer starts printing vertical lines on every page!  It appears that I need to replace the printer drum and it is less than 1 year old.  I have clearly not printed 42000 sheets!!!!  I really want to toss this huge piece of crap out of a window or reenact the scene from the movie Office Space (i.e., take it out into a field and destroy it).  I will never buy a Dell printer again as long as I live!  I am a college professor with lots of experience with computers, etc.  The idea that Dell sold these pieces of junk to thousands/millions of people makes me angry.  The only place that these printers are going are to the landfills as are the large cartridges (each a foot long) in cyan, magenta, black, and yellow, not to mention the giant drums.  This model is a hazard to the environment. Death to Dell

Perkins, OK


Inexpensive printer, but print drum has to be changed frequently


For the price, this is a great printer for home use. Definitely not  network printer.  One thing we noticed is that the drum has to change frequently.  This is due to a line or problem consistent color printing. We use the "work around" of having two drums.  The first drum is for color printing only.  The second drum is an older drum that no longer works well for color...we use this drum to print text only. But, for color laser output it is a decent printer at the low price for the home.

Saint Louis, MO


Dell Color Laser Printer

2.5 2