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Dell Axim Pocket PC PDA

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Great For Everyday Use, Basic PC Functions In Your Hand!


A very nice product, good for everyday use for basic computer functions within the plam of your hand. Comparable to that of many functions from an Ipod Touch, it offers great WiFi connection with the ability to enable and disable WiFi connection to save power, as well as bluetooth and Ifra transfer. Offers the ability to change SD Cards allowing for unlimited amount of storage on mulitple cards, easy to load music, videos, & games. Quickly charges within an hour to an hour and half to full power, comes with the ability to charge an extra battery while charging the unit. You can record with the built in microphone something not offered with the Ipod Touch unless you get the adapter. As well as a good speaker and earphone connection. Overall a very good product for those looking for basic functions as internet/e-mail access, listening to music, viewing videos, and passing time by playing games such as preload ones from Solitare to Jawbreaker.

Mission, TX


This truly is a PC for your pocket.


I have had a Dell Axim x5 for five years now and love it. I read book on it using Microsoft Reader; manage my calendar, contacts and notes on it; synch to Outlook on my computer; and listen to music all the while. I have even converted movies to a quality that looks perfect on my Pocket PC and watched them on the train to work.  The only negatives here are that the Axims do not handle the Secure Digital HD cards and they do not come with built in WIFI. The Compact Flash card slot can handle high memory cards and there are both SD and CF WIFI cards that can be purchased to use with the Axims. I highly recommend this product. Even though Dell stopped making these, they are available on eBay and well worth buying.

Peekskill, NY


find an X5 on Ebay quick


Dell Axim X5: Have one; had for last 3 years.  The thing is a solid brick and nothing comes close to matching what it can do.  MP3 files, WMV files, anything can be handled by it.  Dell quit making these and moved on to other things.  If you can find one on Ebay, go for the X5.  Downside of the X5 is you need a CF wifi card.  It has an SD slot- the newer toys don't function 100% like this one.

Pocatello, ID


Dell Axim Pocket PC PDA

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