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Dell Alienware Notebook

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The best laptop with great company customer service


My Alienware Laptop Computer is a very reliable and fun computer to use on a daily basis.  The Alienware Customer Service is the best I have experienced.  My Laptop has a 17" screen and it plays movies very greatly and very good brightness.  It is also lighter than most Laptop's in weight.  I have carried it around to many places and the built-in Wireless connects to almost all wireless networks around where I live and work. I would buy another Alienware Laptop in a minute.  Perhaps one with more graphics memory and RAM memory.  The Screen is very bright and it views good in sun light.  The speakers are better than my Dell Laptop and the Stereo in much better also.  I can hook-up everything I have to this Laptop and though I am not crazy about Vista, I have no trouble calling Customer Service if I have trouble getting anything to run the way it's supposed to run. I would say to make sure you get at least 4Gigs of Memory, 6 or 8 is better, because the Games now days require at least that much Memory to perform well and at the speed you want.

Santa Ana, CA


Number one in computers


I was checking out a Alienware product for years. I had not ordered one due to the financial aspect of them. Alienware has higher prices than their competeters. I finally could afford to have one so I went to their site and built my computer my way. Their site is not that good except when you are ordering from them. All their financing goes through Dell which wont improve on anything that is Alienware. They do have many options you can use to build it. Average to high end components which helps to make the computer to your personal needs. They even offer to have a name plate on your computer with a first name and what it is in alien. The computers are flashy by they light up everywhere possible and you can change the the colors to whatever you like. The main problem with Alienware is the time it takes to build it. On an average it takes 6 weeks to build a computer and you do not get much information about what is going on through the web site. If most people are like me you get very excited to have a new toy. During the wait time I kept telling myself its worth the wait. By the time my laptop showed up the excitment had left me, it was depressing. I was informed by the company that they check and recheck each componant that goes in and if necessary the computer will be sent back to a previous area on the line if there is a problem. Do to this I am reluctant to send it for some upgrades. By the way I have never had an issue in the year and a half that I have owned it.        

Coatesville, PA


for a nice design this laptop is nothing special


I have had the alienware area 51 m9750 laptop for about 5 months now and I can say that this laptop is mediocore in performance and in design. I bought this laptop on the cheap because i needed one or else i would never pay full price for such a garish looking lap top . the design is black with a glowing blue alien on the top and when i take it out in public i feel well, dorky. but like i said i was in dire need of a laptop. the laptop looks like something a 14 year old boy would use. as far as performance goes, it is nothing special the thing starts up slow and every other time i use it the thing boots me offline because it says it has no internet connection. the laptop does it's job because i use it for mostly writing but as far as internet is concerned i may as well have aol or something because of the interupted connections and the slow running, and kicking me off line. i guess i got what i paid for.

Alsip, IL


Dell Alienware Notebook

4.0 3