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Dell Alienware Notebook PC

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Love my alienware !


Incredible! I own an alienware desktop and am a superfan of these products. This notebook is fast and easy to use. It is not flimsy and can take my rough handling and gaming. It is a superior notebook. I even like the the exterior design. It is eye-catching and impressive in performance.


Plymouth, PA


The Beast


I am a big fan of dell laptops and this is the one of the best creation from dell till now. This laptop really looks awesome. It just looks stunning. Like everything even this laptop has the pros and the cons though. The good part of the laptop is the perfromance and speed of the laptop. The way it performs is just awesome. You just get lost in a different world while playing PC games in this laptop. It supports almost all the games made till today due to it's awesome graphic cards and the processors. It is the smoothest laptop i have ever seen. If you try this laptop you would definetly think of replacing your old laptops with this one. The another best part of this laptop is it's lighting. I have never ever seen such kind of lighting in any other laptops. You can change the color of the laptop according to your mood. That's cool!! The bad part is that this laptop is bigger than the normal laptops since it is 17" and it is expensive too!!  


Kirksville, MO


a proper replacement, a great game machine


Imagine a world where computers are nothing more than over priced paperweights to sit on your desk, produce insane amounts of heat and never work at all. That is the world I lived in before I got this Alienware machine. And I will never go back. My world has been changed, and all thanks to an alien! As a replacement for my doomed and ultimatly flawed former Dell Inspiron, this has been a great machine capable of handling all my gaming needs. The screen is large, the battery lasts a good amount of time, the graphics are just perfect and the memory etc leaves little to be desired. If you want to game, or just have a laptop that can do the work of a desktop, then this is the machine for you. I highly reccomend it.


Colchester, VT


It is the best computer I hae ever owned.


It is a really awesome computer. I was having trouble to find a computer to get for the new year. My fried told me about alienware I decided to check out the website. I saw the computers and they looked awesome! I thought the desktops looked good but then i saw the laptops. I finally decided to get this laptop I was able to customize the computer to my specifications. Got 6 gigs of ram 1 tb and alot of other cool features. If I would recommend this computer to a special type of person it would be to gamers.


Ligonier, IN


Alien Ware Is My Laptop


i love the alienware laptop its my favorite of all brand name computers. i had tried every laptop and i needed one with speed and one that can hold alot of memory and be the best for my everyday wear and tear. the alienwarem17x is top of the line and brilliant beyond anything. the computer is very fast and really great for people who have alot of photos and vidoes and need alot of room the alienware laptop has some of the most advanced technology there is and works amazing i wouldnt have asked for a better laptop. thought it is expensive it is very well worth the money. you get what you pay for and the alienware laptop has the best of the best in it. you get tons of ram to store all your needs and you get great programs already installed like windows xp  it has a fast cd burner and a music library you can edit and create your own music. great photo editors. you can customize it to your liking


Waretown, NJ


ALIENWARE AlienwareOne of the 2nd best gaming laptops out there.


**ALIENWARE's M17x is one of the second best laptops that I have seen for gamers.....second only to the M15x, it's graphics's are incredibly.  It plays games like Crystal Shard with out hesitation...not to mention it incredible graphics pictures on on-line is like you are actually using your hard drive instead on being online ... smooooth ... if it is speed that you are into this is the computer for you... If video and sound are important to you, then you will find that there is no one in their class.  Photo shop and video editing are a breeze with this machine.  The **Alienware's M17x **can take multi-tasking and numerous programs being open along with games with out shutting down or slowing down...I can run Photo-shop, Word, Excel and Power Point together with a game like Pysol or one of the on-line games along with my music from Media Player and have them not have any of them slow or have to shut one of them down.  If your are like me and abuse your laptop check out this **Alienware M17x... the only reason I say that it is second best to it's older model the M15 is the price...the M15 does all this in is less in price...but, both rock...they are definitely worth the few extra buck and an awesome buy.****


Los Angeles, CA


Absolutly stunning!


Awesome awesome awesome! When i was choosing a laptop for my gaming needs i knew i needed something that was going to stand apart from the others.  Im not knocking the laptops that are out there but this one takes the cake and the girl!  Upon recieving my delievered product i knew that I had made the right choice. To say this thing is no lightweight is an understatement!  Weighing in at just over 7lbs (could be wrong) it is a hefty machine! Well built. Flashy. The 17in monitor just screams "Hey look at me!"  and along with the lighted AlienFX keyboard,speakers and media controls this thing reminds me of my first Fremont's street visit! Hot! No. I don't mean me, but this thing can and will get pretty warm on the ol' bare lap so i suggest a dual fan cooler for it. An investment for sure. This thing set me back a few semolians but i can honestly say i wont upgrade a few years. Absolutely happy with this product I am. (Makes me even type like Yoda would :P)


Elgin, IL


The alienware M17x can easily replace a pc.


Every single time I use it I am amazed at what it can do in such a small package. I bought the Alienware M17X maxed out for around 3.7 grand and i must say the space saved on my desk makes it all worth it. It can run any game at max settings and still get around 120 fps in any room of my house ;) . However it uses a ton of power but if your replacing a pc(like me) it doesnt really matter. This was the first alienware computer i have ever bought and the visuals were phenomonal the keyboard, speakers, fan, and logo all light up! and you can choose at their "command center" almost any color you can think of for each light up feature on the machine. The screen is awesome with its 1080ip display and it can get almost that on streaming video such as youtube. The sound is crisp and can be very very loud, the speakers are so good i can almost feel bass from them on my hands. The full keyboard is great something I usually dont see on a laptop the pros outway the cons 10/10


Omaha, NE


Dell Alienware----how awesome is this?


I have looked at a lot of laptop systems.  This is the first one that I have found that will do almost anything that I want it to do.  It has speed, great graphics, comes loaded with GREAT software and is just awesome!!!!!  I can take pictures from my camera--(I have an online referral service for cooks) and upload to the system without losing resolution, download photos from friends, play online games and most of all---write documents without missing a beat for presentation.  IT'S JUST AWESOME!!! I use it for my online business and can't say it enough---AWESOME!! THANKS DELL---YOU MADE LIFE MUCH EASIER WITH THIS SYSTEM!!!!


Seattle, WA


Dell Alienware Notebook PC

4.8 9