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Dell Alienware M15x Notebook PC

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Expensive laptop that lives up to its brand name


At first glance, you might think that anyone who buys a laptop this expensive is a fool. I thought as much the first time as well, but because of the great word-of-mouth that I've been hearing from friends, I decided to take the plunge. After the first week of using it, I could not be happier with my purchase. The unit itself has a great build quality, as it is very sturdy and looks professionally assembled (it even has a lighted keyboard!). I will admit that I've never seen a better looking laptop. As far as the actual meat of the computer, the specifications are very high and not for the average consumer. Alienware is a brand for gamers, which means that everything, from the CPU to the video card, caters to the hardcore. The Core i7 quad core with 6 GB of RAM is a nice touch and perfect for keeping up with the latest games. I've also been able to successfully multitask without having to worry about my computer crashing. The GPU is a GTX 260M, which is admittedly old, but still powerful for a laptop. I'd consider myself a hardcore gamer, and while desktops are the true gaming computers, this laptop is still pretty good and holds up pretty well to games like Crysis 2. Overall, I cannot be happier with my purchase of this laptop. Sure, the price might be a bit too high for some, but with the price you're paying, you can be guaranteed that you're getting a high-quality machine to boot.


Glendora, CA


Awesome Dell Alienware Laptop


Received this Alienware laptop as an early birthdat present.  My desktop computer has been very slow and I needed a new one for my school work.  This is so much faster at downloading, the 15 inch screen is awesome, and the ability to change the colors on the screen is a bonus.  Would definitedly recommend this anyone who is looking to buy a GREAT laptop.  The price was a little high, but you get what you pay for and this is one fabulous laptio.


Philadelphia, PA


Great computer but too pricey


Alienware has always been known to produce beatiful looking laptops/computers, and they did not disappoint with the Alienware m15x. This powerhouse can handle almost any game depending on the certain specs. My friend owns one, and being a gamer, he really needs the top quality and playability. It runs perfectly smooth, with no problems and is a great machine just to use for day to day functions as well. The only complaint I would give to this laptop is simply the price. It is just way too expensive for its hardware specs. You can get the same laptop for much cheaper, although it definitely looks prettier than almost all other laptops. It's still a better deal than any macbook pro in my opinion, considering the macbook pros are even more expensive for the specs and they're not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the alienwares. I plan to buy one of these bad boys for my next computer, and seeing as how they're manufactured by Dell, you know you're getting a quality computer with great customer service.


Austin, TX


great laptop


Okay, let me start off by saying I've never sat down to type a review on anything before. But my new Alienware M15x is so much fun, I feel compelled to tell others about my experience. First off, let me classify myself. I'm 40 years-old and consider myself a professional. I'm married with kids and my one escape from the world is my computer with some gaming. I don't consider myself a fanatic or anything and have only been gaming for about 5 years. I have some decent computer experience, but nothing that would qualify me as an expert. I've always settled for middle of the road computers and after a short period of time, I've found that I've grown dissappointed with those types of computers. This time I spent a great deal of time shopping around and reading reviews on gaming laptops or what I thought would work. I looked at Asus, Dells XPS, HP and most of the other brands. I kept going back to Alienware, comparing and reading the reviews. I didn't know what an i7 processor was going to do, I wasn't sure if 3, 4, 6, 8 gigs was going to be enough and if a 15-inch display was good enough or should I got with a 17-inch. For budget reasons, I settled on the M15x with the lower end i7 processor, 4 gig's of 1333 ram, a 500 gig HD and the default display. I am 100% completely thrilled with my purchase. My main games, CofD MW2 and WoW look and feel incredible on this machine. I can't stress enough how much fun I am having. Do all the things I did, read all the reviews, watch all the YouTube videos, check out all the gaming blogs a comments from other retail outlets that sell the same machine. You will see nearly everyone is very happy with their purchase. I haven't had to call for any technical support and the way this thing is running, I'm pretty sure I won't. Great computer.


Charlotte, NC


The M15x, Gaming work horse


Almost everyone has heard about the Alienware's gaming power.  Utilizing the Intel i-series processors, SATA/Solidstate hardrives and top of the line graphics; Alienware contains a lot of bang for it's price.  They are easily some of the best pre-built computers on the market, however having all of this gaming power has it's price.  Alienware it notorious for over-heating and are regular victims of cooling fan failure.  They are also quite heavy and average between 8-15 pounds.  Most of this weight is due to their 9-cell battery option, which is necessary for heavy gaming without an adapter chord.  This may seem to be a heavy price to pay (no pun intended), but Alienware is still a heavy hitter on the market.  The M15x has a 15 inch high def display, that is great for gaming or watching Blu-ray/DVDs.  With it's wide keyboard typing is much easier than with smaller models, and the larger track pad offers easier scrolling as well.  The M15x has many extra features that have to be experienced to believe.


Bryan, TX


Incredible gaming laptop for hardcore gamers!


This laptop is perfect for hardcore gamers out there. It has the power of a desktop computer all packed into a portable laptop. This PC is great for gaming while traveling or on those long airplane trips! It has all the components that make a perfect gaming PC. With this laptop you will get the best FPS of all your friends and never have to lag again! The only downside to this is that with all the gaming components, it uses up your battery pretty quickly. The external of the PC is lit up beautifully with color changable LED's and sleek black paint. Alienware's advantage in portability among 17" gaming notebooks was still noteworthy, even if the Area-51 m9750's battery life didn't lend itself to truly mobile computing. The company now looks to extend its portability lead, with a smaller, lighter 15.4" unit that maintains the high resolution of the former 17" model without sacrificing battery life. The Dell XPS M1730 still looks like an Alienware design, but the Alienware m15x is clean, smooth, and dare we say, business-like? Of course the real business is gaming, so let's take at look at the "business" inside. Underneath the Area-51 m15x you will find a 5.2 Ah 6-cell battery, a large removable panel to ease maintenance and upgrades, and a name plate customized for the individual purchaser. Removing the cover panel reveals the hard drive, memory, accessory cards, and coolers for the graphics and CPU. All this explains why the Alienware M15x laptop is perfect for gamers.


La Vergne, TN


This is the best laptop I have ever had!!


I just got my Alienware Mx15 laptop a couple of days ago, and I already love it!  I wanted to play online games with my daughter, and it does everything beautifully.  I have a two year old pc at work and I can't even run this software on it because it freezes up.  Not so with the Alienware.  It is beautiful and stylish, and the only thing I can find that I would change is the thickness of the bottom where you put your hands.  But everything else is great, awesome graphics, easy to use, nice keyboard and I love the backlighting.  The nameplate personalization is very cool, and the case is sleek and sturdy.  I am really happy with this laptop and I give if 4 and a half stars!


Elcho, WI


Dell Alienware M15x Notebook PC

4.7 7