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Dell 5-Button Bluetooth Travel Mouse

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Dell bluetooth mouse is my go-to mouse always


I have this mouse. I love this mouse. I've owned it for about a year now. Being female, I like the fact that it coordinates well with my computer, but that's really minor. Not sure why I bought a bluetooth mouse except that my computer has built in bluetooth and I wanted to give it a try. I use a mouse more than any other peripheral, so I bought it. Now I'm addicted. For one thing, there's no annoying wire. That's big. I don't like it when the wire gets in the way. This mouse is easy to clean. The click parts have no seam, so they don't collect dirt. Fluid can't get down into seams where there are none, and electronics don't like fluid. The surface feels sort of rubberized, which is a nice surface to handle, as opposed to hard plastic. The mouse has a scroll wheel plus a couple of extra buttons that can be programmed the way the user wants them. The mouse works well on just about any surface. I use a laptop exclusively, and when I'm on the go with my laptop, I've been known to use the mouse against my thigh. It works. I don't like touchpads because a mouse gives me better control, even on my thigh. :-) The black surface doesn't show dirt, which is also a plus. I found that ordinary batteries burned out pretty quickly with this mouse, but rechargeables keep going and going. They typically last a month, maybe longer.

Appleton, WI


Dell 5-Button Bluetooth Travel Mouse

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