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Del Monte
Del Monte Fruit Naturals

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Over priced can of fruit


I am a fan of Del Monte products so I decided to try it out and see what the big deal was.  I managed to find the product in two stores locally, one asking full retail price the other 1.59/each.  With my coupons in hand, I purchased.  I figured it couldn't be a bad deal at 59cents each for a variety of cups.  Wrong....Each cup was really not as good as it was advertised.  Simply another way of providing an easy way to package fruit for individual consumption.  Still soaked in syrup.  Not a good prospect for a diabetic.Thank goodness I didn't loose much on the adventure.  I figure if I spend even the low cost of 1.59/each I could purchase a full large can of Del Monte fruit and get a better deal.  Without coupons this is not such a good deal.

Rocky Mount, NC


Del Monte Fruit Naturals

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