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Degree Women Ultra Clear - Pure Powder

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Smells great & keeps me smelling great all day.


This Degree Deodorant is fantastic. I haven't used anything else since finding Degree. I don't have to worry about wet armpits, or body odor ever with this deodorant. Not to mention that it doesn't leave white streaks on any of my clothes.

Smyrna, TN


Works well and keeps working all day long.


This new Degree deoderant is what women all over the world have been looking for for years and years and years. And Degree has finally come up with the perfect product. It is this newest deoderant. It smells get and leaves you with a great scent all day long. It is one of the longest lasting deoderants I have ever used. It also goes on clear so we don't have to worry about the white sticky mess getting all over our clothes and ruinning them like most deoderants do . I know that is a real pet peeve of mine when I get all of that white mess on my brand new clothes and then I have to spend hours and hours scrubbing the stains trying to get them to go away. With this deoderant I don't have to worry about the sticky disgusting mess on my clothes because it goes on completely clear. I also don't have to worry about reapply serveral times a day because it stays on no matter what I am doing. Whether I am inside or out it is one all day.

Hudson, FL


I wouldn't go a day without it!


I've been using Degree Women Ultra Clear now for a few years, and I would never use anything else.  I have been using Degree deodorant  for over 15 years.  I used this product after the doctor I was going to suggested it.  It worked from the moment I put it on.  Absolutely wonderful.  I can be working outside in the garden and sweat terribly and it still works.  It will work till you wash it off.  I even have converted my husband who was a very loyal customer to a rival company and he has never even given it another thought of changing again!

Boonville, MO


Degree Women Ultra Clear - Pure Powder

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