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Degree Women Natureeffects - Orange Flower & Cranberry

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Smells great, does a good job


Degree Women Nature Effects smells really good, and could be a perfume (oh that's right, it is!). The strength of the scent is perfect as well, and it helps you feel as though you smell great. The scent sure isn't overwhelming at all, but somehow seems to last all day! Also, there are several scent options, so everybody can find one to fall in love with. Some scent don't sound fantastic, but once you smell them, you'll realize just how wonderful they are! Degree Nature Effects does a great job not only feeling dry, but keeping you dry and helping you smell fresh as well. It doesn't feel gunky when you put it on either. Nature Effects works better and longer than a lot of other deodorants too (even better than other *Degree* deodorants). I can't say it's the most effective deodorant I have used, but it's certainly one of the above-average deodorant. Next time you need deodorant, pick up one of the Degree Nature Effects. You won't be sorry.

Hanover, PA


Fairly new to me but not that great


I usually stay away from the Degree products because I tend to be allergic to something they put in them, and I'm not that excited about orange or cranberry smelling products, however this surprised me. It's a nice light scent and honestly I don't think it smells like the aforementioned aromas lol. It works okay, it wasn't really suited to my active lifestyle (I move around and get hot a lot, and it didn't really hold up to that real well). I prefer the clinical strength to the Degree Women Nature Effects, but I'd at least like to say I'd try it. I got it in a gift basket, and not to be rude I tried it. So it's not that bad of a product, just not made for the one's need more strength in their deodorants, maybe for a teen or young girl that wants to start being like mommy, but not one who's in an active life, always moving, getting down and dirty in the work. Smells good, works not that great.

Barling, AR




I must say that I never used the Degree brand before.  I always purchased the more expensive deodorants thinking that they worked better.  I did not think degree much of it as being a great deodorant and assumed it would not work.  I usually use Dove deodorant, but found that Degree nature effects is also just as good.  I always have to smell any deodorant before I purchase it.  When I tested the nature effects I was really surprised that it smell that good.  It has a clean and fresh smell that you can actually smell when you put it on.  It is also hard for me to find any deodorants that last all day.  I do not want to re-apply it half way through they day.  I like all of the scents in the nature effects but my favorite would be orange flower and crandberry.  I recommend this to everyone I know and most of them now use it.  The retail price is reasonable and cheaper than most deodorants. 

Myrtle Beach, SC


I like this scent.


Degree deodorant is a very popular, well-known brand. I have tried it a few times and thought it was okay. Recently I got a sample of the Degree Orange-Cranberry scented body mist deodorant. I thought this sounded better because I mostly prefer sprays to solid deodorants. I don't care for cranberry so I wasn't sure if the scent would be good mixed with orange. The scent was surprisingly nice. It was sweet and refreshing. I could smell it later on in the day too which means it lasts a while. That's good for me. It is easy to use and came in a small, pretty turquoise and white mist bottle. It was easy to carry in my purse. This may sound strange, but since it is summer I like to make sure I smell good. Even in other season I sweat when I am out all day so it is good to have a deodorant of some kind that I cankeep in my purse. I can take it out in my car and spray a little on just to be sure I am dry and fresh smelling. I amnot sure what the price is for this but I will look for it.

Sutherlin, OR


Degree Women Natureeffects - Orange Flower & Cranberry

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