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Degree Women Body Responsive Invisible Solid Fresh Oxygen scent Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Worst deodorant ever-do not buy this!!!!


I got this deodorant in a 3 pack during Christmas-time for a pretty good deal. The smell is ok, not great, but that is the only good thing I can say for this deodorant. This claims to be an "invisible" solid, but this is the exact opposite! It leaves white streaks on your underarms, which will transfer to your clothing. I ended up having to wipe the excess (and I did not hardly put that much on at all) from my armpits. However, this did not help as it would still transfer to my clothes. The worst part about this deodorant? That it stained all of my clothes! After a while, I started to realize that all of my clothes were stained with white deodorant marks even after I had washed them. I could not get them out for anything! This was the only deodorant I was wearing at that time, so this was definitely the culprit. I ended up throwing my other ones away, not to mention my clothing. This deodorant is horrible. Please, DO NOT BUY IT! Save your clothing!

Minneapolis, MN


Allergic reactive to Degree Responsive Solid


I generally like Degree Products and this item was a sale item so I thought I would try it but WOW after just two days of using it I got Hives on my underarms. I was itchy and welted it was really awful. I had to use Cortisone to get rid of it and not use deodorant for several days to get rod of it. I have NEVER had that happen and it took several days to get rid of, I have sensitive skin but this was unusual I'm not sure what it was but I do intend to call the company and let them know. The scent was good so if you don't break you'll smell good. I'm not sure if I wouldnt recommend it I would just be leery and know that this happened to me, it may or may not you. The other Degree Deodorants I think are really good though.

Wilmington, DE


Degree Body Responsive Deodorant - Stink No More


I have been using Degree deodorant for many years.  For a while there, I was not having to buy any deodorant, because various market research companies would send me different brands to test.  I will say that Degree is my favorite deodorant on the market. Degree is very easy to spot on store shelves because of its unique aqua color.  Even its size and dimensions are the perfect fit for a woman's hand.  The turning mechanism on the bottom of the container allows the user to crank out just enough of the product. Although the deodorant stick appears to be white, it is an invisible solid when you apply it under your arms.  It will not rub off on your clothing.  The anti-perspirant and deodorant qualities offer 24-hour protection.  The Fresh Oxygen scent is light and sporty.  In fact, I have received several compliments on the 'cologne' I was wearing, when the only scent I had on was the one in my Degree.  In addition to the Fresh Oxygen scent, they also offer the same deodorant in Sheer Powder and Shower Clean scents.  

Cin-Cin, OH


Degree Body Responsive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant-FRESH!


What woman doesn't want a good deodorant? I have tried SEVERAL different deodorants in my life time, especially since I love coupons, but Degree's Women Body Responsive Invisible Solid Fresh Oxygen sent Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is a KEEPER!  I won't change brands now that I have found such a great deodorant.  If I sweat, all I smell is the fresh oxygen scent, but I still feel dry.  Degree's deodorant does a great job of blocking odor!  Also, I rarely see white streaks on clothing.  The only con is that it is hard to wash off in the shower.  The fresh oxygen scent is truly refreshing, subtle, and pleasant.  The deodorant also has easy application with the ergonomically correct shape and the easy twist bottom.  The price is competitive with other deodorant brands, and can often be found on sale at drugstores and grocery stores.  It comes in travel size, too!  I would recommend Degree's Deodorant to the best of friends!  

Wilmore, KY


Degree Women Fresh Oxygen works on unshowered days too!


I used Degree a long time ago when it first came out onto the market when I was a curious teenager.  That was back in the day of solids that left white marks on one's clothes.  I couldn't deal with the white marks, so I switched brands.  However, I recently clipped coupons for various deodorant brands and Degree was among them.  Evidently, they've seriously updated their formula(s).  I was happy to discover Degree Women Body Responsive Fresh Oxygen scent Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (and of course get a discount via the coupon).  Now, I was skeptical due to past experience with white marks but also I could not conceive of what on Earth "Fresh Oxygen" scent would smell like.  The last I checked, oxygen didn't have an odor.  In any case, it has a light soapy scent, which is fine with me.  I decided that this is the designated deodorant for the unshowered days.  I must say, I've been unshowered all day and my armpits still smell fresh, thanks to Degree Women Body Responsive Fresh Oxygen scent invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant Deodorant!  Believe me, I've put it to the test!  Now, if it could only do something about the way the rest of my body smells on unshowered days!

Baltimore, MD


Degree Women Body Responsive Invisible Solid Fresh Oxygen scent Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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