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Degree Motion Sense Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant - Fresh Energy Invisible Solid

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Solid product!


This is my all-time favorite anti-perspirant and deodorant. I apply it in the morning and I am good to go! I don't have to re-apply it throughout the day. I am one to perspire easily so this products keeps me dry really well.




Good Deodorant


Overall, I really do like this deodorant. Some people do not like this deodorant, but I personally do. For the scent, I would have to say it smells good. Its not too harsh, like some deodorants I have tried. Harsh scents can attract attention to your underarms. So I like the fact this is not heavily scented. I am pretty sure there are different scents that they come in. For protection/sweat stopper, I would say out of five stars it would be four and one half. Because this is called Degree Motion Sense Anti- Perspirant Deodorant, it works good. The name is right. The more you move, the more protection you have. I really love using this for hot days and using it for sports. It is also invisible, not white, so people can not see it. I know a lot of women, and men, have this problem with deodorant. Something I do not like about this product is that it sometimes goes on and turns chunky when you put your arm down. It also melts if left in a warm spot. Which I have a problem with because if your armpits are warm, it melts into a liquid.




wonderful product overall!


i saw this in thestorethe other day and decided to buy it to see if it would work for me considering i go out and love to dancce and end up sweating all my deoderant off and smelling like crazy. i didnt really have high hopes for the product so i was suprised when i got home and i still smelled amazing. this deoderant smells wonderful (i got the sexy interlude one) and it isnt too feminine which is good considering my guy has supersensitive smell, and it isnt manly, and everytime i smell myself i feel great! also i did notice i smelled it more when i was gettin sweaty. i love this deoderant and i dont think im gunna switch for a while! thank you degree!


Johnstown, NY


Overall a very good product.


I received a free sample of Degree Motion Sense Anti-perspirant & Deodorant - Fresh Energy Invisible Solid and was very pleased with it. I am always on the move, going from in the house to outside in the Florida heat constantly throughout the day, keeping up with kids, horses and everything in between. On the product it says "motion activated freshness" and it definitely keeps up with me in motion! My only complaint is that it feels kind of, thick, I guess is the word I'm looking for, but it could just be that I haven't used a "solid" deodorant in a while. Overall a great product that I would definitely purchase, and on the upside there are always good coupons out there for Degree products!




Degree Motion Sense Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant - Fresh Energy Invisible Solid

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