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Definity - Dakota A/T Tire

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At first things were great now they arent


At first when I got the tires on my 2011 toyota tacoma they were great. Loved the aggressive look and also not a loud ride you usually get with a larger tread tire. As of recently after only putting about 12,000 miles on them in about a year and a half the edge of the tread on my tires are becoming dry rot and there are dimples in the side walls on 3 out of four of the tires. I am going to pep boys where I bought them and half installed to have them inspected and possibly getting a new set of tires. Meaning brand. Other than that the tires were great in the snow and on average unkept trails that I drive up for hunting and other things.



Dakota A/T tires 255/70 16, no issues, worn out evenly at 36K.


Purchased at Pep-Boys 4 yrs ago at thanksgiving. No problems, (the Tires are made by Copper tire). I little noisy, but for an A/T tire I would rate them as quite. (Had wrangler A/T's before). These had 50 K warranty, a little disappointed they only did 36K so far, but expect to just use the buy 3 get one Free (rebate) deal next time. Pathfinder 4WD, 2003, is used mainly in town, some trips on the highway, I expect you could get 50K if you do more Highway travel. Worn down to about 3/32 now, so looking for new tires, will probably buy Definity H/T next, with 60K warranty.

Richardson, TX


The Dakota Definity looks aggressive but is well mannered


I bought a set of Dakota Definity tires 4 months ago for my Dodge Ram and couldn't be happier with them. I paniced when I first saw them because of their aggressive tread design, I thought they were going to growl loudly going down the freeway but they're actually pretty quiet . I can go places now offroad in two wheel drive where before I would have needed four wheel drive . They handle beautifully and have a Kung Fu grip. I highly recomend these .

Reedley, CA


I got 70k out of my last set on my toyota


I had a pair of these on the rear of my 2wd toyota & i loved them I did find out that i only needed to run about 20psi in them because they are rather stiff for such a small truck. they were also great in the snow.

Wolfeboro, NH


A lt. truck tire with good, aggressive looks & smooth ride


This is an above average truck tire with good looks and very good handling. What I like most about these tires are: 1  Aggressive, attractive tread design 2  Surprisingly smooth ride despite A/T design 3. Very good handling, better than OE tires 4.  Really good price The tires made my truck look more expensive and gave it a better personality (almost an attitude). Cornering improved. On the other hand, it does ride a bit noisier but this is tolerable and does not override the pros stated.    

Vallejo, CA


Definity - Dakota A/T Tire

3.6 5