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deep sea cosmetics
Deep Sea Cosmetics Energizing Deas Sea Body Salt Scrub

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Expensive but SO worth it.


This product is rather more expensive than seems entirely reasonable to pay for a shower scrub, but I have to admit that I willingly pay it because I am just IN LOVE with this stuff! The oils in the sea salt leave your skin so incredibly smooth and soft, although they also leave your hands really slippery after using it, so be careful! Also, ladies, if you shave before you use it, it'll sting a little bit on your legs. Effectiveness Super effective! The sea salt is very scrubby and leaves my skin feeling tingly and refreshed, and the oils in it keep me from drying out and leave my skin smooth and soft. Ease of Application Since this is a scrub meant to be put on with your hands, rather than with a washcloth or a louffa, it's a little messy and takes a little while to put on. It feels great, though, and is worth the effort. Scent While the scent may be a bit strong for some people, I found it simply delightful. I'm particularly fond of the lavender scent.




Great product, but overpriced


I was sucked into buying this product at the mall. Although I was impressed with the demonstration at the mall, when I used the body salt scrub at home, I just wasn't as impressed. I find that it is best used during a bath. The aromatic oils are a nice touch; they smell great, and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. The only problem about the oils is that it makes it harder to wash away (oil and water don't mix). I like the smell; it is a nice balance where it is just right. And it is NOT abrasive at all. In my opinion though, as far as the product doing what it claims, it certainly does, you can get the same product at any drugstore, and it just isn't worth the high price.


Cranston, RI


It rejuvenates your body.


Dead Sea Products are great.I recieved the Salt scrub and Body Butter from Santa last year.Aka my Husband. It is a wonderful product. First you use the Salt all over your Body scrub it in real good it feels really wierd but you get use to it.let it sit for a couple of minutes then rinse off in the shower. After pat drying off then apply the Body butter rub it in real good.Your skin feels so good its soft as silk when your done.You feel reborn again. For each product you are only suppose to use two tablespoon amounts of the salt on your whole body. (We use a little bit more than that for a good effect.) And Two tablespoons of the body butter also(Same as the salt too.). These products are a little costly but its worth it in the end.We still have ours and its almost that time a year again. So if you want something that makes you feel really good.Try Dead Sea Cosmetics.It's worth it.


Jerome, MI


Deep Sea Cosmetics Energizing Deas Sea Body Salt Scrub

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