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Best cash back website: combine hot deals and cash back into one


DealDigs.com is a new cash back website that I came across recently. Before I found DealDigs, I have been a user of ebates and fatwallet for many years. I can save at least serveral hundreds a years by shopping through these cash back websites. However, there are some drawbacks of both ebates and fatwallet as I describe below. 1. ebates: no hot deals list, no community features. You have to know what and where to buy before you come to ebates. 2. Fatwallet: Unlike ebates, fatwallet does operate one of the most popular shopping forums on the internet. Fatwallet also provides cash back. However, you cannot just click the links posted in the hot deal forum to start your shopping because you will be able to earn cash back if you do so. You have to navigate several pages before you can go to a store's website. Even after you get to the store's website, you have to manually search and find the product. Why DealDigs.com is Better? 1. DealDigs.com combines hot deals and cash back into one. When you see a hot deal posted at DealDigs, if there is cash back available, you will be able to how much the cash back is under each hot deal. When you click on the deal link to go the store's website, you will earn cash back automatically. So, you don't have click on specific link and find the search the product by yourself. This can save you a lot of time and hassels. 2. You can earn cash back not only when you shop through DealDigs.com, but also when you post a deal. This is the only website that I have found to provide cash back to deal posters. I tried to post a Kingston SD card deal from buy.com at DealDigs.com last week, and there were two visitors bought the SD card, I did earn some cash back in my account. 3. DealDigs.com uses the same "digg" technology as Digg.com does. So, you can vote a deal and make it to the homepage. Why is this good? With this feature, it means only members and visitors can decide which deal is hot(a real deal), which one is not. This is important when you need to know if the deal is really a hot deal since many other deal listing websites just try to post the product which they can earn high commission.

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