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Cordless Drill
DeWalt Heavy Duty XRP 1/2 inch Cordless Drill/Driver

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DeWalt 1/2" XRP cordless hammerdrill/driver-can it get any bette


i have been in the commercial installation field for a little over fifteen years. i install items such as bathroom accessories (i.e. mirrors,grab bars,towel racks,diaper changing stations,etc) also:items as markerboards,tack boards,fire ext.cabinets & hooks, lockers.........and up to flag poles.Many heaver items outdoor sunscreens,overhead alum.walkway covering..well you should have a little idea of my fields.  everything i install requires the use of drills,both coventional and hammer driving for concrete installation.my work requires me to install many items in buildings(i.e. schools, hotels, office buildings, hospitals and the such) so the use of cordless tools such as my DeWalt, give me the speed and mobility to perform at my highest level of installation.  When i first got into the business i purchased a low cost but effective brand. after many batteries,broke-down drills and performance problems, i noticed what the other trades around me were using. after speaking with several workers(who i deemed knowledgable).  i decided to up-grade my tool arsenal to the more power providing, durable, and most highly recommended brand--DeWalt was my choice.  it may cost a little more than other brands but as they say "you get what you pay for" In my humble opinion,for the money,performance,durability and not to mention the local dealers to service the tools,there is no doubt that the 1/2" drive cordless DeWalt combo driver-hammer drill is the top of the line and a must have addition of tool nessesary for all-day installations.............WM. LESIAK

Seattle, WA


DeWalt Heavy Duty XRP 1/2 inch Cordless Drill/Driver

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