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DeWalt DC390K 18v Cordless Circular Saw Kit

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Great cordless circular saw, fast and reliable.


I bought a new cordless circular saw, because, well, I didn't have one and had some big projects to do over the summer.  The major project was replacing escape window wells around our home.  The wells were made to provide increased sunlight into the basement and allow easy escape if necessary.  I used the circular saw to cut enough wood for four large window wells.  The saw had no problem what-so-ever cutting through the pressure treated lumber.  It was very nice to have a cordless saw, because I never had to worry about cutting the cord or looking for an outlet.  I could bring the saw with me everywhere and make cuts as necessary.  The batter live for the XRP series is great, it took several hours of nearly constant cutting to make all the necessary components for the window wells and ony needed on new battery.  The saw has seen several other projects since the window wells and has done equally well across all of them.  There are several good manufacturers of cordless tools, but the Dewalt XRP 18 volt series seems to hold it's own with all of them.

Providence, UT


DeWalt DC390K 18v Cordless Circular Saw Kit

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