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DeWalt Cordless Adjustable Clutch Driver/Drill

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DeWalt Cordless Drill - Can I get it in Pink?


Ladies...this is a must have for YOUR tool set! Face it, hubby doesn't share his toys well and who wants to have yet another toolbox laying around or have to play with hubby's greasy, grimy, crudy tools!   The company really needs to consider coming out with one in pastel colours so he keeps his mitts off it though!  With variable settings for torque and various different head pieces this tool will let you do everything from loosen pesky bolts to hanging pictures in the living room without having to wait for the big guy to apply muscle to the task.  Though it is billed as having "lightweight/compact design"; if you're a small woman, like I, at just over 5 pounds it can get quite unweildy after a short time but the built in levels helps you make sure that you keep your drill holes straight & true.  Comes in  a neat carrying case with two batteries and room for attachment storage.   Batteries haven't failed me in hours of use building a kit storage building but I can't speak to the all day professional use it's built for.      

Arlington, WA


DeWalt Cordless Adjustable Clutch Driver/Drill

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