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DeWalt 18 V XRP™ Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver


18V Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit

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DeWalt XRP is worth it!


I build houses for a living and recently upgraded my cordless tools to the XRP battery model. I wasn't sure if the investment would be worth it or not, but I have been very pleased. This DeWalt 18 V XRP Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver set really has most of the tools you would need in carpentry. First, I like that it has two contractor bags with it which is a nice touch. What I didn't like the most is that it only came with tow batteries and one battery charger. Nine tools with only two batteries? That doesn't make sense to me. There should have been at least one more and even another charger would have been nice. Buying them in a kit like this you do get something that maybe you don't really need like the flashlight, but it does make each tool be the best price you may find. I found that I really like the XRP batteries. Not only do they make the tool lighter but they do last considerably longer which is especially useful in my industry. I find that my arms don't tire out as much anymore since the tools that I use all day are lighter. I would definitely recommend buying this tool set!

Roanoke, VA


Great Set of Power Tools


My husband is very much a DIY man so I bought this set for him, rather than getting mismatched items here and there. DeWalt is a reputable brand with quality products. Previously, he used Craftsman tools but they only last a year. Dewalt's warranty is three years. These tools have the power to get any job done you need. He's used all the tools in this kit and no complaints. Drill: The self-tightening chuck makes it a great drill. Click-click and it's ready. And a nice range of speeds and torque. Circular saw: It's light enough to do vertical and horizontal plunge cuts that 10" saw can't do. Reciprocating saw: Cuts nails and wood like it should. And the pruning blade are good for quick spot-trimming jobs like trimming dead tree branches and woody vines. Impact driver: It drives 3-inch screws into beams really fast. You don't need to pre-drill a hole in order to use a regular driver on those. Cut-off tool: Cuts nails well. Sands wood but of course not as fast as a corded grinder. The guard got in the way sometimes but it can be removed quickly if necessary. Flexible flashlight: This is surprisingly useful when it gets dark while working in a room that doesn't have working lights yet. Much brighter than a pocket flashlight.

Irvine, CA


Great Cordless Kit!


My husband uses these regularly when fixing things around the house. This 9-piece set makes a perfect gift for Father's Day. Everything is easy to keep nice and organized with the yellow and black DeWalt cases, DeWalt covers their tools and kits with a fair consumer warranty which is nice to have just in case something ever happens to go wrong with any of the pieces included. My husband has never said anything other than positive comments about it and I can't agree more with him. It is nice to see him inspired to fix things again and I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. This DeWalt kit isn't particularly fancy but it comes with almost all of the basic essentials my husband needs for doing most jobs. You can't beat the fact that all of the pieces are cordless if your are working in an are with limited reach this will definitely come in handy. It's an outstanding combo kit that anyone would be proud to own. The main impact driver works well. All of the tools are of equally high quality.



DeWalt 18 V XRP™ Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver

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