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DeWalt 12 In. Slide Compound Miter Saw


12" Slide Miter

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This is a wonderful miter saw!


I purchased this miter saw when I was going to update my kitchen cabinets. The cabinet fronts were flat panels...ugly! I had purchased decorative molding and after trying a couple cuts with a miter box, I realized it would take forever to cut molding for 33 cabinets. I had never used a miter saw before, and was a little nervous. This was so easy to use. The 45 degree angles were so easy to cut. Everything is marked easy to read. The bar helps keep the piece straight as you cut. I had to purchase a different blade then it came with. I needed a blade that made more cleaner, finer cuts for the molding. After a few trial and errors, I got the hang of it! It was so easy! The cabinets came out beautiful! Feeling pretty proud of myself I then decided to cut out wider new baseboard for the house. Another wonderful job! After that I cut molding for the plain door fronts all around the house. This is so easy to use. The bag holds most of the dust. I am so happy to have purchased this and will continue to find more projects for this.

Palm Springs, CA


DeWalt 12 In. Slide Compound Miter Saw

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