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DeWalt 10 In. Compact Job Site Table Saw with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System


10" Table Saw

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Powerful table saw


I had borrowed this saw from my uncle and used it on a project to fix my shed. I loved it. I didn't want to give it back to him. I've been wanting to get back into wood working so I decided to go out and get my own. I'm glad I did. The only thing I didn't like about it was the price but I guess we all want things a little cheaper. This saw is powerful and sturdy. My uncle's was at least ten years old and mine is on its fourth year. I use it a lot more in the spring, summer, and fall and I store it in my shed during the winter months. I used it to fix a wall on my shed, build a book shelf for my son, make a shelf for my daughter, and fix an old dining room table from my wife's grandparents. There have been many other projects I have used it for but those meant the most to me. It feels good to create or fix something for someone you love. Knowing you were able to do it yourself. Having this saw to help me make everything precise and correct is great. It is a great tool from a great name brand.



Saw perfect for Home Improvement


I love this table top saw. My husband and I purchased it for the home improvement projects we decided to take on in completing our basement. The cutting guard is adjustable to allow easy cutting of various widths and the power of this table saw is amazing. I have been able to cut any type of wood that I have worked with no trouble. The angle of the blade can also be adjusted from anywhere between zero degrees to forty five degrees. Another cool feature of this particular table saw is that the rear feet are height adjustable allowing you to make the saw level even if your workplace is not. This is important when working with power tools because the actions happen fast and can not be undone. It is also less than fifty pounds so if I need to relocate it throughout the house I can do so without needing my husband's help. When using this saw you need to be careful and follow all the instructions and take all necessary safety precautions because it can be a very dangerous tool if used incorrectly. We almost had a very serious injury on our hands when cutting a small trim piece of wood. When the sliver was released the blade "grabbed" it and sent it flying across the room so fast it stuck into the wall a few inches deep. Had I been a foot to my right it would have gone straight into my chest. Use with caution.



Overall a good table saw for the D.I.Y.


While I have a lot of hand tools, I have never invested in the bigger power ones but a recent home project and a surprise gift I now have a DeWalt 10 inch Table Saw. I am a do it yourself person and I really appreciate that this saw. It has a lot of safety features that I find good to have. While the saw itself is somewhat lightweight it is stable and the handles allow moving it around.easily. The blade on the saw is adjustable which is helpful. I really wanted the saw to be able to miter and quickly discovered that if the saw has a negative it is it is when I am doing mitering I found that the gauge wants to move. In spite of that the saw is a really good one and makes good clean cuts. I am glad that I have it. It has saved me so much time and makes even those home project look like a professional did them. My wife is a big fan of the dust bag as most of the dust and dirt is collected in the bag and clean up is so much easier.

Peoria, AZ


Great little table saw


The DeWalt 10 inch compact job site table saw with site pro modular guarding system is a great little table saw. I bought it for my husband to work on his many projects I give to him. The thing I like about this table saw compared to the other table saws I looked at was that this table saw was super easy for me to use as well. I like to be able to cut a few pieces of wood for miscellaneous projects I do, and this works great. It is not difficult to set up and once you learn how to use it- it is very easy. The machine is a bit loud- I would recommend using ear plugs- but other than that it is perfect. It cuts a really nice clean cut on many different pieces of wood- from small trim to larger pieces. I think it is a great table saw for the occasional DIY'er to the heavy duty everyday user. It is easy to clean and maintain and the blade size is excellent and doesn't feel wobbly. It is a very well built machine- I would buy almost anything by DeWalt- they are an excellent brand.



DeWalt 10 In. Compact Job Site Table Saw with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System

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