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DeVry University - Health Information Technology

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DeVry is a Great Online College


DeVry has a very good online college degree program. I had taken online courses prior to DeVry but none were as flexible as this program allows you to be. The advisers at the school are very helpful but after your enrolled for your first semester, they don't seem to be quite as helpful. This was my only complaint with them. They give you tons of information on grants and how much the school costs and student aid up front but once I was half way through my first semester, I had great difficult reaching any advisor or anyone for that matter that could answer any questions I had about student aid or tuition. They just simply sent me the bills and never called back. My professors at the school were all wonderful with the exception of one mathematics professor. Most professors give you your assignments at the beginning of the week and with the exception of exams or quizzes, you would have that entire week to complete a certain amount of assignments and projects. Quizzes and exams were open book for the most part. If you have great self discipline, access to reliable internet and a good computer, and want to work while going to school this is a fantastic option. Class Selection Lots of different classes and most are always open or available. Teaching Quality Loved all my professors and classes with the exception of one. Financial Aid You'll have difficulty with this portion of the school especially after initial enrollment/first semester.



Offer classes online that are easy to follow


Devry University offers both on campus and online classes. Depending on your schuedule, you can attend classes online or on campus. With Devry you can attend the university even if you are overseas, all you need is a laptop and some time. The classes online are organized in a manner easy to understand. Professor willing to work with you at a moment notice. Student advisors to help you ease into the college experience if you have taken a leave or never been. Academic Advisior, who will see you every step of the way through your cirruculam. Also, Financal aid, will be there every step of the way to help you finance your college education. Online classes have information needed right as you logged in along with messages if needed to be answer and you haven't had time to check your email. Within the class sections, it show you the syballus of what the class contain and what is expected out of you as a student. Also, tutor and labs to help throught the course. IT is always on call and willin to help with any computer problems you have while taking the online classes. Devry would be an university that many employer smile upon and willing to take on with a degree from here. Also, offer job fairs and helps with finding employment. What more can you ask for with an university?

Oak Forest, IL


DeVry University - Health Information Technology

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