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DeLorme Map & Guide of Moosehead Lake

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DeLorme's Map & Guide of Mooshead Lake is the best guide around


Do you need a map of the Moosehead Lake region of Northern Maine?  If you do, you should make sure you get Delorme's Moosehead Lake Map and Guide, which provides you with a detailed look at the lake and the areas adjacent to the lake.  The map handy both for boaters and for people looking to explore areas surrounding the lake as it includes water depths, boat launches and includes the many roads and trails around the lake. A nice feature of the map is the fact that it's printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper so you don't have to worry about the map getting destroyed when you have it with you in the outdoors.  The map 24 inches by 35 inches and at a 1 inch to the mile scale, gives you enough detail over this large area for trip planning and navigation once you are there.  The map offers a 20-foot contour interval. This gives you a good idea of the region's topography and provides enough detail to get a good idea of the elevation changes.  The general area of coverage is mostly Moosehead Lake, but the map provides coverage of the area for several miles around the lake. One reason I got this map is because I found that while much of the area surrounding the lake, is full of trails and paper-company roads, it is generally not covered by other recreational maps. The best you'll get other than this map are USGS maps that may or may not have the correct trails and roads on them, since they aren't updated very often. The map offers a good overview of the recreational opportunities in the Moosehead area including the boat launches, the trails, the paper-company roads, campgrounds, and other points of interest throughout the region. **My Take** If you plan on being in the Moosehead Lake region for boating, hiking, or pretty much any other outdoor activity, you really have this map.

Metrowest, MA


DeLorme Map & Guide of Moosehead Lake

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