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DeLonghi Sandwich Maker

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Love my Panini Press-so many uses


We recently purchased a DeLonghi Panini Press. It was a little pricey than what I was expecting to pay for the panini press. But, when we got to the store, I look at the other model out on the shelf. This panini press just seemed more sturdy. The other panini preesses that were cheaper, seemed wobbly and unsturdy. Plus this panini press was pretty. It is very sleek in appearance. It goes well with out other stainless steel appliances. It heats up quickly and is ready to use. It is great for left overs. Example: made meatlof the night before then use the panini press the next night o make meatlof paninis! It is easy to make the kids grilled cheese sandwiches on a busy night. I love my panini press!

Auburn, AL


love it!


I found this beautiful machine at target on sale. and lets jsut say I've been eating paninis non stop. I can't go back to cold sandwiches anymore ha. You'll love this product. Turn any boring sanswich into a meal worth eating

Orange, CA


The DeLonghi Panini Press makes more than sandwiches!


I received the DeLonghi Indoor Grill and Panini Press CGH800 as a gift from my husband. I had not asked for it, and I honestly didn't think I would ever use it. But as I flipped through the recipe book that came with the grill, I realized the possiblities - grilling meat and veggies, quesidillias, burritos, etc. I can't tell you how many parties I've had where we've set up a quesadilla bar and people fill their tortilla and I grill them in the DeLonghi Indoor Grill and Panini Press. It is always a huge hit! What makes it even easier is that I also grill the chicken for the quesadillas in the press before the party to cut down on cleaning time! And that brings me to my negative comment - I think the grill is a little difficult to clean. You can't stick it in the sink, and sometimes food really gets stuck on there, and you have to scrub and scrub and scrub. All in all, the DeLonghi Indoor Grill and Panini Press CGH800 is absolutely worth purchasing!****

Apex, NC


great appliance!


My husband bought me this panini maker for Christmas and I love it!  I'm always watching food network and see all the different kinds of sandwiches you can make with one of these.  One of my aunts always uses her with whatever she has on hand and it's always so delicious!!!  We tried making some paninis and they turned out great!  It's probably the easiest appliance to use, you just plug it in! It makes wonderful sandwiches with awesome grill marks! More so then sandwiches, we make quesadillas on it!!! It is even more fabulous for that!!! And it is super easy to clean.  If you know you're going to use it a lot and not forget about it, then you should invest in one of these.  The only con I would say is that it is a little big, it does take  up a lot of counter space, and it's another appliance to crowd up your kitchen.  Otherwise, I think it's a great investment as it does make some really yummy, perfectly melted, with grill marks, sandwiches! Yum!

Draper, UT


DeLonghi Sandwich Maker

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