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DeLonghi Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heater

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Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings This device is very beautiful and I recommend to use it especially for the owners of restaurants and chefs is excellent in the sandwich industry and I hope to develop in the coming years, but by the negative is annoying and not my assessment of the device is 5 stars Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings


saudi arabia


Takes long to heat up


I live in Michigan where the winters last forever. I also rent an apartment where electricity is included in the bill but not heating. So I wanted to find a heater that uses electricity without using the central heating system. This was the first one that I tried and found that this take a long time to heat up the room. Once it's heated, it does keep the room warm for a long time but I just did not have the patience to wait for this to heat up. It does have a thermostat attached to it but it was not very sensitive - so basically it was lit up or not lit up. I would not recommend it for people that need fast heat unless you want to keep it running 24/7. Durability I've had it for 6 years and still works. Design It quite heavy so difficult to carry up and down the stairs. Safety It might be safer than some heaters but when it's heated up the surface can get really hot and possibly dangerous for kids if they touch the surface.




My Delonghi heater is my best friend in the winter!


It gives off alot of heat to be a small space heater. I love it has four wheels so it makes it easy to move around. I use mine for the garage since that is where I sit and smoke. It makes the whole garage nice and warm. This heater does not take long to heat the garage when in use. I got it from my mother n law for Christmas, and it has been my best present this year! It has different modes low, medium, and high for use. It is small so it fits almost anywhere. Performance It does not take long to heat up! Ease of Use Anyone can use it, except children. Durability It does a great job to be little. Design Mine is gray so it blends in with the design in the garage. Safety It is safe to use, just remember it does get hot when on.


Lake City, FL


This is the best portable heater.


It's energy efficient, safe, and works well at heating small to medium sized rooms. This model includes a 24 hour programmable timer. Retractable wheels allow you to easily move or store the device. The sealed oil-filled unit with auto shut off features makes it one of the safest electric heater designs. Performance The clever design allows for a hot air vacuum effect which heats a room faster. Ease of Use This is a good product with easy control and a clever timer feature.


Brooklyn, NY


Believe it or not it gets used in Florida


This little unit puts out a lot of heat. It is only used when it gets really cold and we don't want to put the whole house heat on. Ease of Use Just plug it in and turn the knob to the degree of heat that you wish Design Very good design and fits in small spaces. It makes storage a breeze


Satellite Beach, FL


My husbands best friend in the winter!!


We have a finished basement but it stays a little cold in the winter. My husband was looking for something to heat up the space with out spending a fortune. We bought the Delonghi Electric Radiator for this specific purpose. Since my husband's office is in the basement he spends the most time in the room where this heater is. He loves it and I can feel a difference in the room when he has it one. Warms up the entire space very nicely. Performance does the job it is supposed to do Ease of Use No trouble just put in the oil and plug in and turn it to desired heat setting! Durability Has held up well through a couple winters Design Looks like a radiator so not what I would want in a nicely decorated area but works great in an office. Safety gets a little warm so I feel like I have to watch kids around it


Greenwood, MO




I like the slim design, and the radiator concept or idea... this winter has been very cold...so we have had to take this out, and use it. But it only makes a slight difference. Yes it helps, but the radiation effect does not travel very far. Really only giving a 5 foot benefit, so we keep it close to the bed. I also understand that these are ENERGY hogs. Which i dont like. It takes about 15 minutes to warm up...and you can hear the oil in the device, which doesnt bother me. So OVERALL its OK...BETTER THAN NOTHING>>>>


Lakewood, CA


Summarize this product in one sentence.


Heaters work great. Performance Exceptional performance. They have actually saved me money on my electric bill. My electric bill has gone down quite a bit since we started using these heaters. Ease of Use Simple and easy to use. Durability They are very durable. I have not had any problems with them. Design I think it's a very nice design. Would look good in any room. Safety I haven't had any problems with them. You just plug it up and set it on the temp you want. I think they are a very safe heater.


Jonancy, KY


this is a great heater it works.


I bought this heater since I have so many cold spots in the house. I love that it is on wheels and that its a oil-filled electric heater. It produces even steady heat and is safe. I don't have to worry about it tipping over. The electric bill has barely gone on so I know it is only costing a minimal amount each day. The unit is sleek and looks attractive. Safety self contained does not tip over.


Dayton, OH


Economical and easy to transport.


It heats up pretty fast.It's easy to move around the house because of how the wheels are designed.The wheels are also retractable so that makes for easy storage.I like that it has so many settings-96.I have noticed an odor if I set it too high.It has automatic turn off.A great safety feature if I ever forget.It heats the air of my medium sized bedroom evenly.It includes a 24 hour timer to heat the room for a set amount of time.There are thermal slots so it maintains a low surface temperature.There's even an anti freeze feature where when the temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit,it automatically turns on.


Springdale, UT


DeLonghi Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heater

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