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DeLonghi Pint Dehumidifier

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Matches the room and works great.


The best thing I like about this dehumidifier is that it looks sleek and wonderful. Unlike other dehumidifiers that tend to look clunky and large, this dehumidifier is slim and light. It fits very well into our daughters room and matches her pink and white princess theme very well. Her room kind of sticks out the back of the house, so it tends to be very cold and wet in the winter time. We have carpet, so it was terrible to wake up to a almost wet, cold, carpet. This dehumidifier solve our big problem. We usually turn the unit on before bed time and let it run until the room dries out and turn it off while she sleeps. The unit is fairly silent, so you probably won't have a problem with it on during your sleep. The water collects in a bucket, so you can empty it out when it's full. It also comes with a tubing system that you can connect to your drains. We love this dehumidifier and my daughter sleeps much more warmly in her room now!



This DeLonghi dehumidifier works very well


We've had this DeLonghi dehumidifier for about 7 years.  It has served us very well.  We can have very humidy spells during July and August.  Our basement has living space in it, so we don't want it to get too humid and moist and this works very well.  We have a fairly large basement and it keeps the humidity under control.  One of the best features of this dehumidifier is that it has the option to have the water emptied via a pump feature and long soft plastic tube directly into a drain or sump pump hole.  This was the selling feature for us.  No more emptying a messy container!  It has been very reliable.  It does have the option to empty it manually instead of having the pump on if you need or want it that way.  I know some people save the water for plants, etc. so they will probably like that option instead.  We did have a few problems with it last summer - the unit didn't sense that the water bin was fully engaged everytime and so it wouldn't turn on and we'd have to reinsert it and bang on one corner.  Also, several times the motor would get really loud and then quiet back down.  We'll see how it does this summer - hopefully good because we've really been pleased with this dehumidifier.

Goshen, IN


DeLonghi Pint Dehumidifier

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