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DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Creativa Plus Coffeemaker, Black

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very good product i love it


i use it every day its agood



Not for the espresso lover


My husband and I moved to Germany because of his Air Force job and I sold just about every appliance I owned since I would not be able to use them there, and needed a coffee maker to replace my Senseo (which I was no longer happy with anyway), and I bought this Delonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto thinking I would love it. The idea that you can make lots of different beverages was very appealing but most importantly, I wanted a machine that could make a nice, strong espresso cup. Unfortunately, this machine fell short on most accounts. Setting it up was a nightmare, I had to call customer service several time to try and troubleshoot, and in the end the poor quality of espresso it made forced me to send it back. Instead I bought a Nespresso machine, which, for the money, was a much smarter decision. If you like lighter brews, this might satisfy, but beware of the "no water" message you will most likely receive when you try to set it up, many people have reported such problem and had to either send it back or call customer service to try and fix it. Brew Performance I may be a bit of a coffee snob (I am, after all, 100% French and have lived in Europe most of my life), and to me, the strength of the espresso and coffee was abysmal, mostly watered down coffee. Not a fan. Ease of Cleaning This is one of the few attributes of this machine, it is quite user friendly as long as you can set it up properly, and it is very easy to clean the different parts. Ease of Use Very easy to use once you are able to get past the "no water" error message a lot of people have gotten when trying to set it up. That message is usually due to a water bubble trapped in the water line, and once you clear that out, you should be fine. Design Design is quirky and very modern, but I feel like the looks of the machine don't make up for the quality of the coffee brewed with it. Durability I did not keep mine past the first month, but I am guessing it would have lasted much longer had I kept it. It doesn't seem to be an issue according to other reviewers.



Great coffee maker


I actually bought this for someone as a gift, but decided to keep it myself once I got it and was reading the box! I decided I would use it and just go get them another one the next day before the wedding. I love this coffee maker! My favorite features are; that you can make one cup at a time, I really like to have fresh coffee so this is a must for me. I like that there are different features for making different stregths of coffee, and I also liked that it wasn't that expensive. The things I didn't like as much are; the digital display. All too often dispays go out and you cant use the machine any more. I would rather have buttons that last longer. Its kind of loud when brewing, but that's not a big issue for me unless people are sleeping near by. I also think its a little hard to clean because of the shape. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone because the pros outweight the cons for me.



DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Creativa Plus Coffeemaker, Black

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