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DeLonghi HHP800 Heater

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Quiet, powerful, never have to use at high settings. Economical


If you have good insulation, two or three of these may heat your whole apartment. I've used mine for two years now and never have to use the high settings. I just moved and purchased a second one and will try to use as main heat here in PA. I may have to buy a third but still will be cheaper than oil!



Great Space Efficient Heater


This is a great space efficient heater that is lightweight and easy to move around. It does draw significant electricity and can short out your circuit breakers when used in combination with other high power electric devices. The settings are easily adjusted and the power cord is reasonably long and can accommodate moving around a reasonable area to "aim" the heat in the direction you want it to go. All in all, a good value and an effective product that delivers the advertised functions. Performance The heater performs up to expectations. Safety The heater does draw significant power and can short out circuit breakers when used in combination with other electronics drawing high volume of electricity.

San Leandro, CA


DeLonghi HHP800 Heater

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