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DeLonghi Gran Dama Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Expensive but worth it for the coffee snob


If you like Cappuccino, then you will love this! It is simple to use but gives professional results. But, if you are single cup maker, there is not enough time saving - it takes almost as much prep time and clean up time as a manual. But if you make multiple cups, it is definitely great. Brew Performance Each cup is nearly perfect. And if you make multiple cups then each is nearly the same as the first. The espresso shots are excellent. The grind setting is pre-set at the factory, and you need to make note of it before you use the machine for the first time. Ease of Cleaning It is essential that you clean it as the instructions say. And if you leave it for a couple days without using it, then use the rinse feature to do a quick clean before you make espresso. And before you foam the milk, use the clean feature to run steam through it. This needs to be done when you finish as well. Ease of Use This is a truly automatic one touch machine. Design The machine is steel, which is much more durable than the plastic used by many of the manufacturers.

Ashland, KY


The Delonghi Super automatic espresso machine is a lifesaver.


I love the Delonghi super automatic espresso machine. It was a long discussion and major decision to purchase. The cost can scare people away. Once I got it and started using it, I have not been back to a coffee shop since. The quality is consistant, the taste is supurb. The machine does everything for you at the touch of a button, how much easier can it be. No more spending money for your morning cup of coffee. Stay home that extra 30 minutes and relax. Not counting all that money your going to save. Well worth it, best purchase ever.

Gresham, OR


DeLonghi Gran Dama Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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