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DeLonghi Cup Programmable Front Access Drip Coffee Maker


COMPLETE FRONT-ACCESS DESIGN. Never move your coffee maker again. Simply pull the handle on the front of the machine for easy access to the water and coffee filter. 24-HOUR PROGRAMMABLE TIMER. Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. CUP STORAGE TRAY. Warm, ready-to-use cups are always at your fingertips with the convenient cup-storage tray. WATER FILTRATION. Optimize the taste of your coffee by eliminating off flavors caused by chlorine. ENHANCE THE FLAVOR AND AROMA of your coffee with the Aroma button. This special function time-releases water to saturate coffee grounds a little at a time, to extract a fuller flavor; the result is a more full-bodied cup of coffee. WAKE UP TO THE AROMA of fresh-brewed coffee with the 24-hour programmable digital timer. ALWAYS KNOW WHEN THE UNIT NEEDS REFILLING with the water-level indicator. DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING permanent gold-tone filter is specially designed to keep even the finest grounds out of your coffee.

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Delonghi coffee maker mixed reviews


This coffee maker has some really good points and really bad points. Overall a mixed review. Brew Performance This coffee maker makes really good coffee. It's strong, but not too bitter. It does brew coffee pretty slowly though. If you are looking for a quick cup of coffee in the morning, this is not the machine for you. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean. Design This coffee maker advertises as a front loader. I got it because I didn't want to pull the coffee pot out from the wall every time I made a pot of coffee. You can open the front and pour the water in without taking it away from the wall. However, it is impossible to pour the water in without water spilling all over the counter. You then have to pull the coffee pot away from the wall to clean up all of the water that has spilled. Also, the way that the carafe is designed, when you pour coffee into your coffee mug, coffee spills, necessitating further clean up. Overall, this coffee put requires a ton of daily clean up. That being said, the coffee it makes is really good. Durability Very durable. No problems in this area.



DeLonghi Cup Programmable Front Access Drip Coffee Maker

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