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DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco Espresso, Cappuccino, & Coffee Maker

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A nice all-around coffee/espresso/latte machine.


I love my Delonghi Nabucco machine. It does everything that I need, or want, from a coffee machine. I can make pots of drip coffee for when family is visiting, or I have company over. I can also use the steamer side to steam up water, froth/steam milk, and make espresso. My biggest complaint about this machine is that the instructions it came with about how to use the machine were sadly lacking, and I found it a frustrating machine to learn how to use. Because of this I only used the drip-coffee side for a year or so after I got it. However when I first met my mother-in-law she had the same unit, and was able to show me how to use it quickly and easily, and it really is quick and easy to use. I do wish there was an automatic off for the steam/espresso, I feel like I need to be in constant attendance and cant walk away from the machine while it's prepping, but perhaps that's how most coffee/espresso makers are. Brew Performance The coffee made is adequate - I'm still experimenting with the correct amount of espresso grounds to use to make a strong enough shot, but that comes more from my lack of experience than from the machine's performance. Ease of Cleaning There are some inconvenient nooks and crannies that I always seem to get coffee into, which is annoying to clean sometimes. But what I love is that most of the pieces are easily removed from the unit and can be washed by hand in the sink. One thing that is very hard to clean is the nozzle on the steamer for steaming milk. I have had milk get clogged up in the steam-nozzle, which can be difficult to clean out. I've found removing the nozzle, and soaking it in extremely hot water is the best way to clean the nozzle. Ease of Use In my opinion, the steamer/espresso side of the machine is very difficult to use, without proper instruction. Since the instructions included with my unit were basically useless, I did not use this feature until someone else explained it to me. Now I believe it is a fairly easy machine to use, but without proper instruction it is difficult to figure out (however I am not an avid espresso-machine-user, so maybe for others this machine is very easy to figure out). Design The unit is a bit large, which is the only downfall, in my opinion. Counter space is precious in our family so having a large coffee-pot unit can be frustrating! The other biggest flaw is a lack of timer/start on the drip-pot side of the unit. Durability It has held up well for about 5 years so far, with light / occasional usage.



DeLonghi Coffee Maker does it all, just lacks the finer things


I have used this coffee maker for about 3 years now.  I think it makes a great cup of coffee and a fine cup of espresso.  In fact, this might make some of the best coffee drinks I have had from a maker that costs in this price range.  The one good feature I do like about this maker is that it has a removeable reservoir for the water, so you don't have to pour water into the back and risk spilling it all over the counter. However, it isn't without its flaws.  The biggest flaw is the lack of a clock.  Given the day and age, every coffee maker today should be equiped with one, there is no excuse for this.  I resolved this by attaching the coffee maker to a timer like you would use for lights, but that really should have been a standard feature.  I also think that the burner is a little on the hot side, which causes the coffee to evaporate.  Once you get to the second half of a pot of coffee, if you don't drink it quickly, you end up with bitter coffee way too soon.  As such this might be the last non-carafe coffee maker I own. Ultimately, it makes great coffee, you won't complain about that, except that it won't be fresh and ready for you when you wake up.

Austin, TX


Great coffee & espresso for the experienced but lacks extras.


When we first got married, we were given an espresso maker. Wanting to be the perfect wife, I offered to make him espresso while he got ready for an early morning meeting. Not being a coffee-addict, I assumed making espresso was just like coffee and put all the grounds with the water in the top opening. Needless to say, it broke. So, for Christmas, we went on the search for a coffee and espresso maker combo. By that time, I was hooked on the stuff and very picky. A Starbucks employee recommended the brand, and trying to be cheap bought one at Target.  It makes fabulous coffee but sadly does not have an automatic timer!  In addition, there is no automatic shut-off. The lack of these two features is our biggest problem.  The espresso is also delicious as long as you fill the grounds to the top (finely ground) all the way to 4 shots, but only use 2 shots of water.  This is the only way to make good lattes with the  machine.  But, when we searched for other coffee/espresso makers, we found that this still was the best deal, and bought a programmable timer (the type you use to shut your lights on and off when you're gone on vacation) and now have absolutely no complaints about the maker.  

Meridian, ID


With the Nabucco you get what you pay for


The Nabucco is a coffee maker/espresso machine this is on the low end of quality, but is good enough for just the basics. The coffee maker side works decently and brews well, but it cheaply put together.  The hot plate on the bottom of mine came loose easily the first time I wipes it down (and I wasn't being harsh with).  The filter basket is hard to remove and replace for cleaning, but the water basket is totally removeable and easy to deal with.  It doesn't have any automatic shut off feature and you can't set it to come on automatically in the morning.  There's a dial to control the strength of your brew, but I'm not sure it actually makes the coffee stronger or lighter.  I didn't notice a difference. The espresso machine side is fairly easy to use.  This is my first espresso machine and I had no trouble figuring it out.  It froths milk decently and the parts on this side are easy to remove for cleaning.  If you follow the directions in the manual for regularly cleaning out mineral deposits from water, there should be no problem.

Riverside, CA


Not enough basic features like auto-shutoff!


The Caffe Nabucco coffee and latte maker is ok.  I bought it in hopes of saving on Starbucks lattes, but, of course, it is too much darn work to make a latte!  Or maybe I am lazy, but I have only used the latte maker twice.  It is a big machine, makes good coffee.  I like the pause and serve function, but it is hard to believe it doesn't have an auto shut-off.  Also, I put the removable water storage unit in the dishwasher and now I have to push the handle just a bit to close the lid of the water storage area....something must have gotten a tad warped in the dw.  Wouldn't buy it again only because I don't use the latte maker.  It was easy enough too use the latte maker, and it steamed the milk well, but too much work! 

San Antonio, TX


DeLonghi Caffe Nabucco Espresso, Cappuccino, & Coffee Maker

3.6 5