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DeLonghi 6-Slice Solo AirStream Convection Toaster Oven

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DeLonghi Convection Oven is Hot!


I am really impressed with my DeLonghi Covection Oven! First and foremost, it looks great hanging out on my kitchen cabinet. It works great too. It is convenient and cooks very well and is easy to clean too. It uses less electricity and actually functions better than my regualr oven so I find myself using it a lot, for myself and for company too. My one and only complaint is that this oven runs a bit on the high price side but I found a good deal so I purchased it. Now I understand why the price is a bit more, because it looks and works better than others I have had in the past. I would and have recommended this product to others and one friend actually purchased it on the same sale I got mine at and she loves hers as well. Thumbs up for this oven!


Norwood, CO


The DeLonghi Convection oven with Rotisserie the GREATEST!


This is the best kitchen tool I have and I wouldn't want to do with out it. You can bake, defrost, broil and make a Rotisserie chicken or small turkey. So handy when you dont' want to heat up the full oven or you want a delicious moist chicken for a meal. This product has two grates on the inside to put your items up high or on a lower level. The only negitive thing about this product is the fact it is hard to clean. I love the juicy flavor of the rotisserie chicken/ turkey so it is worth it to me. This is also a heathier way of eating. I do wish it had a automatic cleaning feature like my oven. Although, I wish all of my kitchen items had automaticn cleaning features! LOL I would recommend this product for all to have.


Princeton, MN


almost as good as my normal oven


Don't let the small size of this oven fool you. It has a lot of power in it and that makes it very good for cooking and baking different dishes. I love the smaller size because it helps me to cook small dishes easily and i do not have to touch my main oven. The smaller size also works well when you are making meals for a smaller family. The structure of the convenction oven is sturdy and very strong. The sides get hot when it is on and that can be a safety issue around kids. The other bad part is the white color of the exterior of the oven. This is not good because it shows dirt and food stains easily. The dials turn very easily and i can set the timer on it easily. there are many different kinds of foods i can prepare in this oven too.


Charlottesville, IN


A must have in the kitchen


**I really like this little oven,  In fact I will go so far as to say it is the best toaster oven I've ever owned.  It does a surprisingly good job toasting bread.  The oven, whether on regular or convection, does a really nice job cooking small frozen pizzas and other freezer foods that the kids like.  I also use it to cook small casseroles and heat bread for dinner.  The biggest plus is when I use it I no longer have to heat up the big oven and the kitchen when I just need to heat up a small dish.  The kitchen stays cool in the summer and I saves energy.  Though I will admit I have not cooked anything that splattered much, I have found it very easy to keep clean.


Glenn Dale, MD


De Longhi Electric Oven stopped working


Our De Longhi Electric Oven stopped working after 9 months.  It does not power on.  There are similar stories on the Internet.  It is too much trouble to ship it back to De Longhi.  Our last toaster oven was good for ten years.  De Longhi should be embarassed and ashamed of their terrible products.


Melrose, MA


Must have for all on the go moms!!!


The delonghi is my most favorite appliance and has pushed the micro to no. 2.  I love having the rotisserie the flavors are endless.  It is truly a no brainer also I am able to bake because of the dual racks.  Mini pizzas no problem they fit and toast up ever so nicely!!!  Truly my favorite thing since microwaves. Oh yeah temp...we live in the high desert so summer is miserable It is so compact that I cook our meals in there to stop the circulation of heat from our stovetop or oven. 


San Jacinto, CA


Delonghi coventional oven is awesome it's saves cooking time


 The Delonghi Coventional cooking oven is a modern version of a real oven  that saves you lots of time and energy it keps you from using big ranges you can also, use it double oven when your cooking more that one item it is very unique in style and it is chic and bring a great addition to your kitchen this product is suberp.


Merigold, MS


can't live without it


Mine doesn't have the rotisserie feature, but I use my convection oven more than my oven in my stove. For cooking meat, it's the best. There are some glitches with the heating rods needing to be replaced every 6 or 7 years, but I can live with that because I'm so pleased with the consistent overall performance. I don't own a grill, and I can't cook a steak to save my life, so having an appliance that cooks moist, tender chicken,juicy hamburgers  makes me appear like I actually can cook.


Jamesville, NY


Get rid of your regular oven


This oven is great. Cooks just like a regular oven, but at eye level and it includes a rotisserie. Cost a little more, but next to my microwave, I wouldn't do with out it. Not every thing can be microwave and taste correctly. With this oven, food cooks completely, browns really nice, and I have had a number of comments that the food was terrific. I didn't change my recipes, I changed my oven. Also, if you hate oven cleaning, this oven cleans really easily, and at eye level. Most of the cooking surfaces are removable for cleaning


Coaldale, PA


DeLonghi 6-Slice Solo AirStream Convection Toaster Oven

4.3 9