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2-Slice Toasters
DeLonghi 2-Slice Retro Toaster

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Stylish but burns my finger


I like this toaster. It looks good with other stainless steel appliances, it toasts evenly and consistently, and it is easy to clean. However, the whole toaster gets very hot by the time the toast pops up. The deep slots are nice but make it necessary to lift the lever up to get your toast out. It's hard to do that without bracing the toaster and touching its very hot surface. I've burned myself many times.

Tooele, UT


Great and Reliable Toaster!


I have had my DeLonghi for years and I use it everyday! It is very reliable and works well very consistantly. It doesn't have any special features, besides a bagel setting, but it doesn't need anything else. Aesthetically, it looks great, too. It could be left out on the counter and it would certainly not be an eyesore. It heats pretty evenly, but can sometimes leave the edges a little less toasted. This toaster is pretty well priced. I think they're also pretty readily available and easy to find. DeLonghi is a trusted brand in my household and I would definitely recommend this toaster to family and friends who are looking for a standard, but sturdy toaster for their morning routines. On the left hand side of the toaster, there is an adjustable "toastedness" scale. This is very handy when switching from pop-tarts to bread (toast). In conclusion, this is a great toaster for basic tasks in the kitchen. It is pretty fast when toasting, and, in all, a good choice for a toaster for your house.

Peoria, IL


DeLonghi Toaster


I asked for a resonably priced toaster for Christmas last year so that the person who drew my name would have a simple idea of something to buy for me.  I was surprised when I received this streamlined chrome colored 2-slice toaster by DeLonghi.  It is not only beautiful but attractive sitting on the cabinet at all times.  I had never heard of this brand but was very pleased when I started using it.  It has a scale on the left side to move to the lighter or darker side depending on the way you prefer your toast.  It also has manual buttons if you want to stop the process before the darker occurs that was preset before the pop-up.  I use the DeLonghi toaster not only for toast but pop tarts, solid hash browns, eggo waffles, toaster strudle, and other items that will fit in the wide slots.  This product can also come in four slots but I have never needed more than two slots at a time so this one was perfect for me.  A very nice addition to my kitchen.

Flint, TX


This DeLonghi Toaster Works Well


After having a black and decker toaster for many years, It finally decided to go out on us. We loved the retro look of the DeLonghi toaster and it's reasonable price. It was a no brainer to purchase this toaster. The large slots are good for wide slices of bread and/or bagels. It toasts well but you may have to adjust the settings a couple times to get to the right amount of heat. The only drawback of this toaster is that the outside gets hot. Definitely keep it out of reach of children. The stainless steel exterior doesn't reveal fingerprints and it maintains a nice clean look. It's been a great addition to our kitchen appliances and it's nice looking on our counter. It only takes a couple minutes for the bread to come out with a nice all over toasting. You can also easily pop the toast out easily if needed at anytime. The temperature adjuster is very easy to control, you simply just turn the dial. The DeLonghi toaster is a good buy, has an attractive look, and works well.

Marysville, WA


Great retro styling


I love retro kitchen appliances, and this DeLonghi toaster is quite stylish. It's got a great matte finish that doesn't leave fingerprints, and looks great sitting on my counter. This toaster also works great.  I've had it for more than three years, and it's still going strong. It has a great dial to adjust the darkness of the toast, works well for bagels, and has a functional crumb tray that's easy to clean.  It also has a convenient cancel button, and a defrost button so you can take bagels straight from the freezer to the toaster. The only drawback is that the handles feel a bit plasticky.  They don't appear to be in any danger of breaking, but I'd hoped that they would be a bit more substantial. This toaster is a bit more expensive than the black plastic boxes that are so prevalent, but it's great quality, will last a long time, works very well, and looks great sitting on the counter. I have found it to be worth the price.

La Mirada, CA


DeLonghi 2-Slice Retro Toaster

4.0 5