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DeLonghi 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine, Black and Stainless

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I bought the Delonghi EC270 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine as a gift to myself. My husband thought I was crazy for paying such a high price for an Espresso Machine, but I love Espresso! When it first arrived i was so excited and started right away. I filled it up with water, placed a pod in it and turned it on. I walked away and came back several minutes later to a puddle of water on my counter top. I was so disappointed. My husband was a little bit satisfied, to say the least. I thought maybe I did something wrong so I tried it again. It still leaked. I should have read reviews because I would have known this was a common problem. I decided i wasn't giving up on my DeLonghi Espresso Machine and got online and purchased a replacement water tank. When it arrived, I tried the machine again and it worked perfectly! There was no more leaking. This espresso machine made makes espressos very easily and I enjoy seeing the end result. It warms the liquid in seconds and the pump is very easy to use. I get great frothing results every time I use it. The two separate thermostats make it easier to control the temperature of the water and the steam. I truly love this machine. I can make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos without paying a fortune for them at the local coffee shop. It was priced very low for how well it performs, once you get the leaking under control. I recommend this DeLonghi Espresso Machine to anyone who loves espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Ease of Cleaning It's stainless steel, which makes it very easy to clean and wipe off in between uses.



Pretty good little machine.


I ordered the DeLonghi EC270 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine online about 8 months ago. After receiving it I tried it right away. I have owned many coffee machines and espresso machines because I like trying new products and giving them a shot. I like how easy this espresso machine is to put together. Everything looked up to my standards. I was happy with the look of the product. After cleaning everything, which was not the easiest, I tried it out. The brew performance is great. It's easy to put the espresso in the machine, to get everything ready and it brews relatively quick. After drinking coffee for years, coffee almost makes me tired. I use espresso to keep my days going. I'm happy with this machine. It's easy to use, clean and it's a great product. Design I absolutly love the design on this espresso machine. It's another product I keep out in my kitchen daily. And it looks well with the rest of my kitchen.



DeLonghi 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine, Black and Stainless

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