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DeLonghi 12-Cup Cafe Elite Coffee Maker

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Works, just a basic coffeemaker


I'm not a coffee drinker, but my husband is. He loves Starbucks, but it's just too expensive to buy a coffee there every day. So I bought this coffee maker and he just buys Starbucks coffee and they grind it for him. He says it takes just fine. The coffee maker is just bare bones. You set everything up at night and then in the morning your cofffee is ready. i like how it comes with a re washable filter so you don't have to waste money buy using those Melita filters. We've used both and the coffe comes out just fine either way. I like the looks of the coffee maker. It is sleek and clean looking. If you are making coffee for just one person, the glass carafe is a bit large, and annoying to clean every day. However, the best feature is the timer.

Sugar Land, TX


DeLonghi 12-Cup Caffe Elite Automatic Drip Coffeemaker is good


The DeLonghi 12-Cup Caffe Elite Automatic Drip Coffeemaker is a dang good coffee maker**.  **Every cup of coffee that I get from this maker is excellent.  The only major downfall I see in the DeLonghi 12-Cup Caffe Elite Automatic Drip Coffeemaker is it tends to be somewhat slow when brewing a pot of coffee.  Maybe it is just because of my heavy mineral water, but sometimes the coffee takes around 20 minutes to brew a pot.  However, when the DeLonghi 12-Cup Caffe Elite Automatic Drip Coffeemaker is finished, the coffee never dissapoints.  The DeLonghi 12-Cup Caffe Elite Automatic Drip Coffeemaker is easy to clean and keep clean.  Also, the controls on it are easy to use and easy to program.  I would reccomend this coffee maker to anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee and does not mind waiting a while to get it.

Dandridge, TN


Well... at least I didn't pay for it.


I have had this coffee maker for about 10 months now. I won it in a contest. It has a fancy model name- the Cafe Elite. And it has not met the expectations that its fancy name suggests. To start with, it is a fairly tall coffee maker- about 14 or 15 inches- which presents a problem when you live in a shoe box basement apartment like I do, and the space between your kitchen counter and cabinets is quite limited. The water loads into the top, so I have to slide it out into the open to have enough room to fill it, which means a daily morning fight with the rubber grip feet it has on the bottom to prevent sliding. So, I pour the water into the top until the water level indicator measures the amount I want. By the way, the level indicator is on the side of the coffee maker, so I have to do this awkward crouch while I'm pouring the water to make sure I don't overfill it- not the most graceful move, especially at 6 am. Additionally, the indicator is a dark red bobble that is difficult to see. So, it's filled, and I pour the coffee grinds into the basket, and close the panel that holds the basket. Only it doesn't stay shut, because the little latch that holds it shut broke off two weeks after I got the coffee maker, so I have to duct tape the panel shut. Then I make coffee. After ten minutes, I know my coffee is done because I hear a loud bang. It's the sound of the duct tape wearing off and releasing the panel containing the soaking wet coffee grinds, flinging coffee drippings all over my counter and part of the kitchen wall. The best part of waking up...

Pittsburgh, PA


DeLonghi 12-Cup Cafe Elite Coffee Maker

2.7 3