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Dishwashing Liquid
Dawn Simple Pleasures Dishwashing Liquid - Water Lily & Jasmine

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Great Soap Not So Great Air Freshener


I got my bottle of Simple Pleasures Water Lily & Jasmine home and tried it out that day. The soap smelled very pleasant, but a bit too much on the floral side for me. It wasn't overpowering or cloying but it certainly isn't the best option I've ever tried from Dawn. This cleans just as well as Dawn's other soaps - powering through grease and food and getting glasses and pots equally squeaky clean. What sets this apart from other Dawn soaps is the air freshener base. I'll admit that I didn't actually read the bottle before purchasing this - I just saw the Dawn name and the new Simple Pleasures variety and tossed it in my cart. As such I had no idea that this had an air freshener in the base. It was a bit of a mixed surprise. The idea is good but I wasn't thrilled to have my kitchen smelling like flowers. It quickly got annoying and I transferred the soap to my automatic soap dispenser and all was well. This is an all around good soap but I really can't recommend it because of the air freshener base.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Does not clean well and the smell fades away quickly.


I just love Dawn dish soap but for some reason some clean better than others. While I was shopping, I saw Proctor & Gamble Dawn Simple Pleasures -- Water Lily and Jasmine 12.6 ounces and decided to purchase it and give it a try. Seeing how I am a huge fan of Dawn products, it would have been wrong if I did not try this. I was really disappointed on how it cleaned. I usually put a few drops of Dawn original dish soap on the sponge but with this one, I had to put extra so I can get enough amount of foam to do the dishes. I also found myself scrubbing harder than I normally would. It took much more energy and effort to clean the dishes than I would have using the original Dawn dish soap. I will admit that it does have an incredible smell, but the it doesn't last very long. During the time I am washing the dishes with Dawn Simple Pleasures, my entire kitchen smells good, but a few minutes after I am done, the smell fades away. Another reason I won't be buying this again is because it is too expensive, and just not worth the price.



WOW! Doing dishes has never been so heavenly.


Hello Dawn Simple Pleasure!  I am sitting here with the bottle of it right next to me as I type this.  The scent is so clean and aromatic.  I can smell it, even with the lid tightly closed, because underneath the area that holds the dishwashing liquid, there is a small air freshener of the same scent.  Now, let me admit something.  When I first saw this dishwashing & air freshener combo, I thought it was a stupid idea.  I mean, what's the point?  Well........I have now reformed my way of thinking.  I still don't know what the point of the air freshener is, but I like it! When you first get your bottle of Dawn Simple Pleasures home, there is a very tight plastic strip that closes off the air freshener.  You smell nothing.  However, once you remove that strip.......BOOM!  That scent is in the air, and I'm telling you it is ALL OVER your house!  It's what I smell as soon as I enter my home.  It's great.  And because I'm constantly smelling the scent, it kind of puts me in the mood to get my hands a little soapy.  :-) Dawn Simple Pleasures lathers up so thick and bubbly, without having to use a lot of soap.  I actually laughed the first time I used it because I felt so dumb saying, "Ooh, this feels so nice," as I washed the dishes!  But it's true!  It's really that good.  And I hate to do dishes! Dawn Simple Pleasures has all the grease fighting ability as the original Dawn, it just has the added aromatherapy scents, and as I said, I think it lathers better.

Jacksonville, NC


Clean Dishes and Nice Fragrance


I love using this Dawn Simple Pleasures formula, because it makes cleaning dishes a lot easier and smells great.  Each bottle has a vent on the bottom to spread some aromatherapy in your kitchen.  The fragrance is sweet and clean and matches the solution for cleaning your dishes.  The liquid foams up well to give your dishes a great cleaning without streaks and I love the fragrance that comes from the bottle.  I love the floral fragrance of the Water Lily and Jasmine and it makes cleaning dishes a lot more relaxing.

Las Vegas, NV


Dawn Simple Pleasures Dishwashing Liquid - Water Lily & Jasmine

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