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Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap, Lime Surge, 13.5 oz

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Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap is a bad product


**Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap is a really product to me. I have used it one time and i do not like this product at all to me it does not work as good as the regular liquid. It seems like it takes more to clean your dishes then the regular dawn soap takes. To me this is one product that they should have done more testing before they let it go to the shelves. I would not recommend this to anyone . I was very disappointed with this i was hoping this would have been a great product but i was truely wrong. This even tdidnt clean the dishesas good either to me i have to take twice as long to wash as i normally would. I know some people probraly think this is a good product and if you like it then so be it but my review for this is a bad one.The whole idea of liquid to foam was great but something happens when it turns to foam and i think that is the biggest thing with this product for me. Maybe they might improve it one day.**

Norman Park, GA


Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap, Lime Surge, MMMM


We like the Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap, Lime Surge at our house a lot.  My daughter says she loves the smell of it and she doesn't like to do dishes, but she does them sometimes because she loves the smell so much.  I like the Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap for the convenience of the pump.  The lime surge scent is an extra bonus.  I find that the Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap, lime surge lasts a very long time.  I first tried it because I had a coupon and it also happened to be on sale, a big plus for me.  I certainly was glad that I tried it and I will certainly be looking for sales and coupons again for the Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap, Lime Surge again.  If you haven't tried it, I think you will be pleased with this dish soap.  I'm finding that I like a foam dish soap much better than the typical dish detergent, and I have always liked the Dawn brand of dish soap.  Try it.



I like this stuff, but it offends my sense of VALUE


First of all, I want to say that I do like Dawn Direct Foam dishwasher liquid as a product.  I think that the pump concept is very innovative, I LOVE the convenience of it right on the sink where I need it, and I like that the soap foams up and is concentrated and lasts a long time.  It really is a nice product to use.  Oh...and it smells pretty good too! However, the frugal part of me wonders...is this just water downed soap at a premium price?  It is the pump that does the foaming, I think, and not the soap itself.   The product is rather pricey when you consider that it is just dish soap, and the refill is even more expensive and I've had trouble finding it in stores, so I started experimenting with the pump using my on concoctions of watered down regular dish soap and....it works!  ALMOST as well, as the initial product.  I think that if I get the ratio of soap to water correct, it will be identical. Just something to consider.  Especially, if you want to save money, or you are having difficulty locatiing the refills like me.

El Sobrante, CA


No Mess for messy cleaning.


Couldn't wait to try this out. I've always used Dawn liquid soap and had been putting off switching. All I can say is I am sure glad I did. No more messy liquid on the top of the dispenser getting all gooey. So easy to dispense just what I need limiting waste. Cuts thru the tough grease! Added bonus~ it's great on baby food stains!!                                 c

Arden, NC


dish detergent with a pump


My household usually go through at least one 10 oz. bottle of regular Dawn dish detergent per week.  A reviewer was saying one pump is enough to clean a whole load of dishes on this site and I think one pump is enough but I usually use two to three because I prefer more lather and my dishes are usually very greasy.  I also make 2 pots of coffee daily, so I uses it to clean the coffee pot and cups in addition to dishes. I don't know how long one bottle will last me because I've just started using Dawn Direct Foam. There was a sale last week at my grocery and I stocked up.  I always prefer this brand over other brands of dish detergent but what I really like about it other than being from Dawn for this variety is the convenience of the pump.  Typically I need to use two hands to open and close the top of dish detergent bottle caps but with the pump, I do not need to close or open any caps.  I won't be wasting or spilling detergent all over the kitchen sink if I accidentally knock over the bottle. In addition to dishes, silverware, glassware, I also use it as a countertop and tabletop cleaner.

Chicago, IL


Dawn Direct is a great addition to any sink!


Dawn direct foam has revolutionized dish-washing. We own a dishwasher so I only have to wash those few dishes that I don't want to put in or pots and pans. Dawn direct foam works beautifully on both - whether the dish is dainty or a greasy pot, Dawn cleans with just a little bit. Most of the time I do not even have to use a full pump to get the job done!

Orlando, FL


Dawn Direct Foam Liquid Dish Soap, Lime Surge, 13.5 oz

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