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Hot Sauce
Dat'l Do-It
Dat'l Do-it Island Fire Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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Green can be just as good as red.


I love hot sauce. So I like to try all the different varieties of hot sauces that are available. Dat'l Do-It Island Fire Jalapeno hot sauce is a green hot sauce. Even though most hot sauces are red, this is agreen one and is rather tasty but not very hot. I usually don't get a lot of green hot sauces because they are not very hot and I like my hot sauce very hot. As I have said before though, variety is the spice of life so, trying a green sauce is always worth it. The Dat'l Do-it Island Fire Jalapeno Hot sauce is a very mild green sauce so it is a good one for those of you who can't stand the heat. And for those of you use to only red hot sauces, green hot sauces are can be just as good tasting. I perosnally enojoy the flavor of the Island Fire. It is the best green hot sauce I ever tasted but it did taste good. Besides you can always add a little ground cayenne pepper to it to give it a little more heat and color. Just because it is not Christmas, doesn't mean you can't sport some red & green. So I say give it a try you will like it.

Suffolk, VA


Dat'l Do-it Island Fire Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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