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Dark & Lovely
Dark & Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum

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Was relunctant, but REALLY works! GREAT product


I thought this product was too expensive to begin with, but I needed something to get rid of the frizz I was experiencing. I have a short "boy cut" and most of the time it's laid down after going to the barber shop. But I often experience frizz, so I tried Olive Oil and that worked too, but not as good as D & L serum. Again, it's a little on the pricey side, but it's worth it! My hair hasn't had any frizz and it's been 3 weeks now. Very impressed so far.

Alexandria, VA


Dark & Lovely Anti-Reversion Cream Serum relaxed Len's hair.


My husband Len has almost black, curly hair, and does everything he can to make his hair straight. So when I received a 0.5 fluid ounce (15 ml) sample sachet of Dark & Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum, I passed it over to him. So I read the directions, and told Len to wash his hair as normal. After getting the excess water from his hair, take a quarter size amount of the white cream, and take it through his hair. I knew that this would be more than enough, as his hair is thinning. This is a leave in product, so he was to dry his hair with the hairdryer. He gave me back the sachet that was almost empty. He had used far more than he needed to. I squeezed a small amount of the serum out, and it has a faint floral smell to it. Len's hair was more relaxed after using it. He didn't have any frizz, and his hair had a good shine to it. I asked him if he wanted me to buy a full-size bottle for him, and he told me that it was okay, but he could straighten his hair himself. Oh well.

New Port Richey, FL


Dark & Lovely 6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum

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