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Dappi Contoured Pinless Cloth Diaper

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comfortable for baby and great price!


For my little one these are sized extremely small. the fitteds that are suppose to range from 24lbs and up have been too small on my son since he hit 18 months and 24lbs. Other then the sizing small I really liked these fitteds, they aren't as absorbant as some other fitteds i've tried, but that can be fixed with a doubler and they fit well other then the sizing being off. I bought these because of how cheap they were and how much easier then prefolds on the go. These are wonderful. The price being so cheap made me worry about quality but these are great quality and great value. My son really seems to like them and they fit great (not including the sizing being off). I also bought dappi covers that the size large does not hardly fit my son and he is only 24lbs, and they are suppose to go up to 22- 35lbs, these start at 24lbs and up and they fit my son great with room to grow. I would definitly recommned these to anyone!

Columbia, MO


Get what you pay for


When I first got the idea to cloth diaper my son I was very thrown off by some of the prices of diapers. I know I wanted to try a diaper that was more modern then the "Prefolds" and "flats" diapers that our  parents and grandparents used. I searched online and found Dappi diapers and was immediatly suprised by the small price compared to other diapers. I never researched them or read any reviews which was my own fault. I bought ten Dappi contoured pinless cloth diapers for my son in size medium(12-24lbs) which my son was only 20lbs at the time. I recieved them in a short time and after prepping them and putting them on my son I was upset to see they were too small. The sizes ran very small to what they were actually labeled at. He wore them a few times and they did hold up pretty well for being trim but the velcro would scratch him and make red marks.I Sold them and saved up the money to buy a better value diaper.

Norwood, MO


Nicely sized for newborn


We used these for the first few weeks after our daughter was born. They fit very nicely and do not require pins or snappis, making the fit very easy with velcro. We had no problems with blow outs or leaks and baby did not have any rash! Clean up very nicely. No staining problems.

Mankato, MN


I have used these in the past but they are not my favorite


I have used cloth diapers for the last 3 kids and will use them again with the baby due in December and I found that Dappi brnd diapers were not my favorite. You must use them with a cover and I prefer a pocket diaper as it is my daddy friendly and church nursery friendly. I also found that these diapers tended to be bulky and made babies clothes not fit as well, and the size of their pants we larger then if you had then in a pocket or disposibale diaper. The velcro got messy easily in the washer and I had diaper chains when they were ready to go in the dryer. They leaked easliy and didn't hold much teetee. They are not very absorbant and they are sized small. I thought these would be easy for my husband to use but they actuqally endedup being a hassle and we all found that we liked pocket diapers much better, they absorbe more, don't need a separate cover and worked better on wicking away moisture from babies skin. These diapers don't cost much but you get what you pay for.

Arlington, TX


Poor absorbency even with 2 doublers!


I had used flatfold diapers, putting two together and then folding them, for several years before I decided to splurge on Dappi's contoured pinless diapers and give them a try. I thought it would be faster than folding all of those diapers, and that I'd be more likely to use them at night because it'd be faster changing baby. I was **very** disappointed. These diapers have very poor absorbancy. Compared to my two flatfolds, I had to start changing diapers twice as often, and there were still frequent leaks. This was a problem even when using two doublers! I couldn't count on my baby's clothes still being dry at the 2-hour mark. I found myself longing for flatfold diapers again, which are those "old-fashioned" ones that everyone else avoids like the plague!  So much for the convenience of these contoured pinless diapers! I ended up passing these on someone else who was willing to give them a try for free. I then invested my money in prefold diapers, which I use with diaper pins and dappi's nylon pants  [http://www.viewpoints.com/Dappi-Nylon-baby-Pants-Diapers-reviews][1] . I have been very, very happy with that combination.  It's much more convenient and dependable that Dappi's Contoured Pinless Cloth Diapers. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Dappi-Nylon-baby-Pants-Diapers-reviews

Martinsburg, WV


Dappi Diapers are a great value!


When I was pregnant with my first I decided to cloth diaper and was met with a lot of choices out there.  One of the reasons I chose cloth was the price factor, with the waste factor a very close second. My mom found dappid diapers online at babybestbuy.  I was a tad skeptical, being they were so inexpensive.  I got them, and some diaper covers.  Once my daughter was born these were the diapers I always ended up reaching for first.  She wore size small for the first couple months.  They were great for handling formula poo, and I never had a leekage problem.  They washed wonderfully and stayed stain free.  I had these, as well as velcro ones, and the velcro one those kept up great.  I was going to buy more of these for my daughter but I could not get them in the next size.  I personally think these would be a great economic choice all the way through potty learning.  The only problem you may have is at night time, if your child is a super soaker.  As my daughter got older I always ended  up using disposables just for that purpose.

Sullivan, MO


Disappointed by how much it leaks.


After cloth diapering my 20 month old daughter for awhile I was ready to start my son in cloth diapers at one month old (it would have been earlier, but it seems everyone gave us newborn disposables at the baby shower!). The Dappi Pinless Contour diapers were a waste of money. I was used to prefolds and used doublers at night with my daughter. I bought Dappi doublers, which were cheaper than the doublers I had used previously. By the time my son was 8 weeks old, he wet through the diaper with doubler. Also, the sizing runs SMALL. I was excepting the Dappi to be a great help since they are shaped like a disposable diaper with Velcro. From experience, I know what a pain changing a cloth diaper is when you are out with a little one and I was hoping the Dappis would be the answer I was looking for. No, the leaking was evident after an hour after he ate. I could say maybe *maybe *he was peeing A LOT, but the small prefolds I also used without doublers did the job beautifully! Save your money and invest in some prefolds if you are looking to go the truly inexpensive route with cloth diapering. Within a few days of starting cloth diapering, both my husband and babysitter were pros with prefolds. Save your money, avoid the Dappi Pinless Contour diaper! As an aside, the Dappi nylon pants (diaper cover) are wonderful!

Vancouver, WA


Dappi Contoured Pinless Cloth Diaper

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