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Daphne Infant Bath Seat

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Didn't look comfy for newborn


I used this to wash my newborn son in the sink. However I believe it does what it is designed to do which is support baby so you can wash them easier. I felt that it put alot of pressure on my son's genital area and looked very uncomfortable. He did not like it and would fuss. I'd prefer a tub with a sling over this this. Only plus is its very compact to store


This is the best bath seat for an infant on the market.


The Daphne Infant Bath Seat is hands down the best bath seat on the market for an infant. I have never really liked bath seats and this being my third child had no intention of buying one. My sister-in-law was finished using her bath seat and gave it to me. I decided to give it a try and I am in love! It isn't big and bulky like the other bath seats, so you can take it with you wherever you go! The best thing about this seat is that it is hands free. You don't have to keep trying to reposition the baby. The way this seat is designed is so the baby is propped up on their own. So you can really enjoy watching your baby play and splash and enjoying their bath-time.

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Daphne Infant Bath Seat

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