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Dannon Danimals Crush Cups Yogurt

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no way!


I remember when these first hit the shelves. the kids I babysat at the time loved yogurt and literally begged for these. I had a feeling it would be a terrible idea to buy these, but I did anyway. I was exactly right. these were horrible! They tasted great, yes! The idea of the crush cup though, not so much. The kids made the biggest mess with these just like I knew they would. They were over excited about the idea of a crush cup and ended up squeezing half of the yogurt out of the cup. Spoons were definitely used with the yogurt that was left. Next time I will definitely just use the tubes. Flavor/Taste The taste itself is great. It has a strong fruity taste and the kids really enjoyed it. Consistency The consistency was not too bad. it was a little bit too runny to me though. Convenience The idea sounds convenient until you realize how big of a mess will be made. Then the time spent cleaning is definitely not convenient.




One huge mess.


A few years ago, I saw Dannon Danimals Crush Cups Yogurt in the store and thought it would be a great treat for my little cousin, who I often babysit. I figured this would be good for on the go since you didn't have to use a spoon or anything. I should have thought about this before buying them, but the "crush cup" idea behind this makes no sense! Right when my cousin squeezed it a huge glob of yogurt went all over his face and shirt. Then he could not get almost half the yogurt out because the container was crushed and the yogurt was stuck on the bottom. This product is just a giant mess. I made sure he ate the other 3 from the pack with a spoon. Flavor/Taste These actually taste great. Variety Only purchased the product once due to the unnecessary mess they caused, so I am not sure how big of a variety is available. Convenience These are marketed as a convenience food item since they are spoonless and can be eating on the go. Since they actually just make a huge mess, it isn't very convenient since you spend a while cleaning up said mess!




Appealing Packaging But Not Worth The Price


When I have my daughters grocery shop with me I always value their input in food they pick out. When we ran across Dannon Danimals Crush Cups in the dairy section my kids wanted to try them. Now my children already love yogurt so I don't have problems getting them to eat it. The first time they tried it, my girls took a taste and loved the tiny individual cup. I decided to try it and wasn't impressed with the flavor, but this yogurt isn't meant for an adults taste buds but does appeal to kids. My kids eat the package of yogurt up in one day, I'm glad they like it but I will only purchase this product on occasion. I think this product is great for parents who can't get their kids to eat yogurt because it makes trying it fun with the small crush cup. This yogurt comes in 2 flavors, not much of a variety for me and it's a little on the pricey side. Since my girls like the yogurt I already buy I am working on making the " adult kind" fun by giving it to them in different containers so they don't get bored with my yogurt. I think this yogurt is over priced, even though the packaging lures children in. Don't get me wrong my children will eat it but I don't think it's the taste they enjoy, it's the cup. So I'll wash the cups out and refill with a yogurt I know they enjoy.




Danino Crush Cups were NOT invented by a Mom!!


I have 3 kids and we go through a lot of yogurt in my house!  My kids can't get enough.  We are a huge fan of yogurt tubes, and even the Danino drinks and cups. When I saw the Crush Cups appear in the store, I think I got more excited than the kids.  They looked really fun.  But then I brought them home and watched the kids get into them. There is no way these were invented by a mom.  I seriously question when they did their product testing if they even watched kids eating these.   For starters, What a mess they make!! The kids are supposed to crush the cup and the yogurt comes up.  Well...it ended up EVERYWHERE!  All over their faces and their shirts!    And of course, since it says 'no spoons allowed' on the box, the kids refused to use a spoon.  So ... half of the yogurt was left in the bottom of the cup as they couldn't squeeze it all up. I will NEVER buy these again and I suggest that the Danino team actually watch some kids trying to eat these. Very un-impressed.


Beverly Hills, CA


Yummy kids want more


My children love this stuff.  I actually have to hide it from them.  My kids are 2 and 3.  They have this for breakfast almost everyday.  They would eat the whole pack if I let them.  These go on sale a lot and there is always coupons for these and paired up with a sale you can't go wrong


Chicago Heights, IL


Dannon Danimals Crush Cups Yogurt

3.0 5