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Dannon DanActive Light Probiotic Dairy Drink

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Good diet drink


I have thoroughly enjoyed drinking this "Dairy Drink." I am one of those people that tried the "Slim-Fast." That was an unforgivably horrible experience. This actually resembles the taste of a milk shake. It's definitely not exact, but I have found that it tastes better (and you will eat it slower) if you freeze it first. Ever heard of frozen yogurt? This is basically that, except much much better for you. I think it definitely helped my digestive tract become more well-regulated. The other thing that I just do not like is the price. I understand that sometimes you have to pay extra for quality, so I keep buying it, but I just cannot wait for the day that the price comes down significantly because of the competitors that are trying to make a product that is just the same. I love the fact that it is only thirty-five calories, but it is always gone before I realize that I can even taste it.

Hastings, NE


DanActive is a great Probiotic Yoghurt Drink


I wanted to try this product but I've found it a little bit expensive so I was so happy when I could try it for free as a Bzz Agent. DanActive is an absolutely fantastic probiotic yoghurt drink, I love the taste. I'm happy it's packed in small bottles otherwise I would drink a 2-3 dl from it.  I would recommend the product because I was very satisfied with it.

Bellevue, WA


I love these


I drink these everyday.  I found out that I am border line from having high cholesterol.  But I drink these to help my digestive track.  I am not a fan of yogurts and these are just enough and tasty. 

Kissimmee, FL


Dannon DanActive Light Probiotic Dairy Drink

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