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Danby DWC620PL-SC (0.7 cu. ft.) Wine Cooler

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Not great for cooling beverages - warmer than expected


I received this wine cooler as a gift. Not being a heavy wine drinker, I decided to try using it as a desk side soda fridge. With the included wine racks, the unit easily accomodates 12 cans of soda. If the racks are removed (they simply slide in/out of place) then this can probably accomodate a second 12 pack (I'm guessing). However, I wouldn't recommend doing so as the unit will not get down as cool. The wine cooler uses a thermal electric cooling technology, rather than a compressor. The advertising makes it sound as though this keeps the unit very quiet, but in fact it sounds just like my mini-tower. There is a large heat sink on the back with what appears to be a 120mm fan adjacent to it. The fan hasn't stopped spinning, because... The unit doesn't ever achieve the temperature setting I requested: 39^F, which by the way, is the coolest setting it offers. (It is designed for wine, after all.) The manual states that a full cooler (6 bottles) will be able to cool to 39^F but only if the room's temperature is no greater than 98^F. My room is about 79/80^F, so I am unimpressed by the fact that its own temperature guage has not dropped down below 48^F yet. Warm sodas. :(

Mesa, AZ


Danby DWC620PL-SC (0.7 cu. ft.) Wine Cooler

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