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Danby DAR259 (2.5 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator

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Nice mini fridge for beverages


I spend a lot of time in a confined space with out access to food for long periods of time so I decided to purchase the Danby DAR259. My first thoughts on this mini fridge is that it is extremely quiet and does a great job of keeping beverages cold. I was able store several 16 ounce bottles of water in the door shelves very comfortably. The water got extremely cold, but they didn't freeze. Despite not having freezing capabilities I was able to store frozen snacks in the fridge for up to 6-8 hours before any defrosting took place. The shelves inside of the fridge were sturdy and easily removable when I needed extra head room for taller objects, but width was an issue when I tried to put in a large tray of lasagna. The tray was small enough to fit in between shelves, but the extra shelf slots on the sides were preventing entry. The only way I could get around this was to use two 9x9x6 containers to store the food in on separate shelves. Besides the issue of width I don't see a down side to the Danby DAR259.

Westchester, IL


Danby DAR259 (2.5 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator

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